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Friday, November 30, 2007

Healing Series VII

Inspired by the Holy Ghost,  written by Channelofhealing Authors

Greetings in the Name of the Lord most High!  Am going start this post today with a question and I will also provide the answer through the word of God, this is very interesting, for after reading it and seeing with your own eyes what the word of God has to say concerning the Omnipotence of God, you will have no choice but to trust in Him totally. HE IS ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS!!!

Jeremiah32:26-27 26 Then the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah: 27 "I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

Jeremiah answered the Good Lord thus

Jeremiah 32:17 Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:

on this note I would love for you to praise God within your heart and read the rest of the post and let the Holy Spirit Minister to you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. We have come to the end of this Series. I would like to apologise for the delay in posting this last portion of the series, it was due to my being a little absent minded for some time but thanks be to God for bringing me back to the reality of His divine program for my life. We would love round up by sharing few testimonies to the Glory of God. even though I know we all must have different testimonies that the good Lord has performed in our lives and those of our loved ones... we cannot over emphasis them ... "Keep Sharing", we cannot begin to compare miracles or testimonies or arguing which miracle is bigger or better, but the point is sharing them and believing that what you think is not possible for God to do is what He will do for someone... somewhere, to the Glory of His holy Name Amen. I give God all the Glory for the impact the Healing Series has had in our lives this past few weeks, we are almost through... since it a seven part series but, I would want to take time and congratulate all who have commented and made their voices heard to the Glory of God And. I say that I am indeed grateful and expect you to continue the good work in Jesus Mighty name Amen. I will like to state here that if you are new to this blog or new to this particular post(S), please feel free to check out  the following series posted over the past 3 months...

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Beloved, Let us bear in mind that even though we are healthy and strong, there are people around us who are not so strong, and they feel that they cannot make it through another day. So I urge you to feel free and print out this series for the  purpose of evangelism and ministering to the sick all around us, and God will richly bless us all in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. 

BRAND OF DISEASES: brand of diseases here could represent TYPE.  I would ask here, What type or kind of disease(s) have you presented or cursed in the name of the lord? Very strange kinds of diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, HIV and others are just as powerless as mere headache before the blood of Jesus. Even the ones without names... The ones you may feel God is not interested in like being overweight, depression, hormonal imbalance, Infertility,  Panic attacks, various disorders (mind you I don’t know much medical terms for these abnormalities... So I’m just speaking grammar) speech impairment, sight problems, high blood pressure, pocket woes i.e. financial disease name them---the list is endless, is it? Only God is endless every other thing must end.

Hear this story  

Take the case of sister with a serious weight problem. she tried all we could to come off her weight. Tried all the best slimming houses around. No ways, tried slimming pills and herbs no ways, tried starvation she became fresher and more robust, tried exercise she became bigger in short it posed a social problem to her to the extent she became reclusive. I was not told; I saw it with my two eyes. For many years, she battled with her body mass until one day she said, “God I’m tired of this weight problem. I’m your daughter and I will not do any form of help for you or aid your work by doing exercise or jogging anymore. I want only you to come down and help me. I hands off and you take over my case as from today”. She believed God. She told me the Lord said He would give her a birthday present


     After several months, she kept her faith aflame with the integrity of the most high. Our God cannot lie or run away from responsibility. It is never too hot or too difficult with God. Few weeks to her birthday the gift from heaven was already unravelling. Jesus took away her mass of flesh within two weeks... within 3 months the Lord Miraculously removed 55 pounds of her body she became skinny and more beautiful than she could remember. It caused traffic jams in people’s brains as reasoning climbed thoughts and thoughts burst into exclamation!

People were asking, “Baby what’s up? What happened to you? Where are you—I mean the remaining part of you? Where have you dumped your flesh? I wouldn’t ever have recognized you if not that you are speaking with me now. She will simply say my daddy did for me. They will want to know the tablet she took—absolutely no tablet but Jesus—she is a complete woman now.                    


The things of the spirit are not difficult. Orderliness and obedience to the instructions of God are the keys to his endless treasures.

You know it would be a wishful thinking for a poor man to want to go abroad for holiday just because He is  stressed... Even if given the address of the best resort in the Bahamas —he may not even understand what they are saying, but a wealthy man will readily muster his resources and go on vacation, and return sweet and relieved.

What I mean here is that. One needs to stay in the wealth of (righteousness) in Christ to be able to approach his throne anytime. The poor man in that illustration is the unrepentant sinner who wouldn’t understand divine invitation even if it starred at him the face

As a believer do not ever imagine that God will not understand some aspect of you. He wants you to present to him the most common details of your existence. Even if it’s a little shift in your system. You could say “ha daddy did you see that shift in my back region?”  Our God needs all of our problems to himself.

Matthew 11:28 “come unto me, all ye that labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest

Here are a few examples of miraculous healings to mention a few  that the Good Lord has done in the lives of His People.  A very young sister (less than 30years) had menstrual seizure for years and after much hopeless waiting she decided to report the matter to her daddy, But the Lord works in mysterious ways! Without the intervention of medication, there was a divine restoration. She is  completely whole now! No case is hopeless before God. You are absolutely invited.
    Yet another case of paralysis. A little girl of about 12years woke up early one morning in her hostel without strength or sensation in her legs. She was brought to a hospital My Husband visits for prayer and evangelism at the time... the Lord was at work during the hospital visitation that day. One man called His attention in a very passionate manner he said, “I came into this hospital to see my child suffering malaria, but this girl’s case (pointing to paralyzed little girl on the bed – (I can’t remember her name) has broken me down. Please come and do something “he was taken aback, but all the same he told the man he couldn’t do anything to anybody, but I’m with HE who could do everything to anybody whose name is Jesus. they went to the little girl’s corner, who spoke distinctive and fluent English. She had satanic attack in her school in the village, We reported the matter to our biggest Daddy and invited the Holy Spirit through the water for blood transubstantiation. Fortunately for us she confirmed that she loves Jesus. After two days my husband was back at the hospital to see how far. he was told the girl gained her strength that same evening and was discharged the following morning. Glory! Glory!!! Why do you think your case will be different? God can never be wrong. If the rules are not working let’s check ourselves inside out.



My husbands upper molars are not complete, there was this particular one on the upper left that had a big hole, big enough to contain a little finger. The pain was so much that He didn't have to explain what toothache is to anybody. As a student then he did not have the resources to attend to it immediately. so he slept one night, and then his my dream, one man came to him and touched his teeth with his finger and said; you will still have to remove it! The hole stayed there for about three years plus till he just visited a dentist to remove it  when it suited him . Jesus did that for me.

I would like you to click on this links below to read and share some of the precious testimonies shared with me... Glory To God, some of the testimonies don't deal with physical healing's but deal with being aware of the awesome power of Christ our Lord.

Testimonies shared with me on Yahoo Answers in May 2007

Hair loss Video  the testimony about the woman who was bald since the age of 2 and just last year started growing hair after being prayed for by a janitor at her college ,this was shared with me by Awanabe a good friend and fellow blogger am really grateful.

thank you for all that read the series and took time to comment by sharing your thoughts and concerns. would definitely like to here more testimonies from you too if you like you can past them on the comment section here for all to read and share

Liked this series try reading this two below:



Your miracle is not far from now. Jesus knows the appointed time for you.

God bless you for reading



8 Readers Commented:

  1. Hi Anna,like everyone who has replied you, am too am humbled and I can't even believe you are talking about me this way when i first read the part about chanelofhealing I was shocked to the extent of looking over my shoulders to see if it was another channelofhealing you were refering to but all the same Anna God is our everything and He is the all in all to us all and am very happy you love and serve Him please continue in Jesus Mighty Name.
    I wholeheartedly accept the tag and hopefully will get around to do it soon I believe we will maintain what we have by God's Grace.

    thank you, thank you, thank you.

    God Bless

  2. Hi Channel of Healing nice to meet you….

    It looks like we have quite a bi tin common…

    I love the passage quoted from Jeremiah…God is truly awesome!

    I also love something God cannot do…He cannot sin as it is against His nature.

    I have bookmarked your blog for future visits…Merry Christmas!

  3. Praise God, Livingsword... the power of God is awesome in the earth today no matter what the world is doing.
    You must know that Glory of God is over us.

    Thanks for the visit and the comments and also the bookmark too.


  4. Oh channelofhealing I didn't even know that you wrote here, but as I am back to finish reading your series, again inspiring, thank you for your kind note. I believe in every word your wrote and every link you gave to support the micracles. Its not time yet, but I will share my miracle story one day too. Thanks again for inspiring post, Anna :)

  5. All Glory to God ! Anna, will love to Hear yours too as I know you would love to hear mine too.


  6. Thanks channelofhealing, will definitely do. I cannot promise anything big as the ones you had in your story, but sometimes little things that we tend to ignore are miracles too, especially for me.

    Aside, I think I told you once about my cousin that was diagnosed with cancer of lymphatic cancer. I think that was miracle too in our family, the fact that my aunt was able to get help and be directed to right doctors in time, the rest was treatment, and our prayers. So I can say that it was almost like a double miracle. The sad part is that people tend to to praise the God in time of need, and through all this even some of us changed because of what we saw, but there are still some in our family that act like nothing happened. It is sad, but the good thing is not all of us act like nothing happened.

    Thanks for listening, sometimes if feels like I want to say more and today is the day, lol. Anna :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Praise God! thanks Anna, I remember when you shared that Testimony with me am so happy that you are happy and Praise God for the Mercies He gave in form of Healing and wellness for your Cousin and many others.

    God bless


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