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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Healing Series III

Inspired by the Holy Ghost,  written by channelofhealing Authors

Praise the Lord!!! I have not really been chanced to blog for sometime now as those who keep on supporting this blog will know  that the part 3 of this series has been delayed for about 2 weeks. Am so sorry and hope to share the continuation here and, for those who need a reminder you can go to the former posts  Healing Series I, Healing series II...  so you can follow the series, God Bless you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

What is the will of God in my sickness?
We are going to look at three words in the sub heading. “Will” “God” “Sickness”
: To desire something. To leave property behind for posterity. The specified feeling that a person has toward others. A will is God’s purpose or God’s mind or God’s decree or God’s statement or stand, or God’s counsel in your sickness.
“GOD”: Then who is this God that I have never seen and yet so much is expected of me? God is a supreme being, the creator and maker of the universe. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost. God is presently present at all times. Your maker that has every human spare part.
SICKNESS OR DISEASE (CURABLE OR INCURABLE): To be physically or mentally ill. Disorder in the entire body system but the greatest form of incurable disease if allowed to continue is lack of faith, unbelief, and ignorance of the word of God. Not knowing the mind of God concerning divine healing.
The holy trinity once had a meeting and in their agenda was the issue of divine healing. God the father decreed his “will” and said “I AM THE LORD THAT HEALETH THEE” and the son interjected AH, I love these people so much that I have agreed to carry on myself anything that will make them cry including sickness and disease. God the Holy Spirit said “IF” they are “willing” to attract me into their desire (by faith) I will not waste time to rescue them.
God the father gave his word out to us. The word of God is power, and Jesus is power. The Holy Spirit is the executor and master. When you attract him by undiluted (without option or alternative) faith he will come through the existing word of God (Jesus) and brood over any circumstance in your life and call out health from sickness. He will call out joy from sorrow. He will call out hope from frustration. He will call out laughter from wailing, call success from failure, and give beauty for ashes. Just as he brooded over the face of the deep waters in Genesis 1:2. Though your life may have no form or beauty—Jesus has given you beauty for ashes, dust your faith with the word of God and grab your miracle. It is waiting patiently and assuredly for you. Treasure never hunts a man—It is man that hunts for treasure. God has brought this book your way. No matter the deep waters in your life, the Holy Spirit is waiting to be attracted by faith. He can never force you. He is a complete gentle man “he has no stamina for insult like the lamb of God”. No man’s problem is deeper than six feet. Jesus has already gone to do a complete work in our six feet apartment of the grave. But those without Jesus have just been ushered into their depthless second death, sorrow and world of worms that dieth not.
The word of God is a power code. Meditate on the verses that sooth your purpose until the code is broken thereby releasing the power thereof into your spirit. This automatically generates faith into your heart to attract the Holy Spirit for a swift operation. Believe the word of God (Jesus) and live!


The word of God is one yea and Amen. Isaiah 58:11 “so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the things where to I sent it” Nkjv.
  The Lord said, “Let there be light and there came light (sun) hanging upon the sky till tomorrow it has refused to cease. The believer has a light in the “SON” brighter than the “SUN”. The Lord God created the moon, the stars, the rain, the forest, the deserts, the heavens the earth, the man, me writing under his guidance. You are reading, under his guidance. All these are the handiwork of God. He changeth not. So now the issue is this. Do you think he is ready to institute another avenue for healing after the one he has done before? There couldn’t be another ocean in Lagos or another sun in the sky.
   There is one Calvary, one Jesus. Don’t look for another way! Hebrew 9:12 “neither by the blood of the goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place having obtained eternal redemption for us”. This piece of concluded business entails redemption
From sickness and diseases. The will of God in our infirmity is this “GENERATE FAITH IN THE WORD OF GOD IN HIS PROMISES, FAITH INSPIRING BOOKS.
    If you don’t invite him, he will not come. If you will keep being moody and be agitated he will not come. If you are complaining he will not come. If you think he sees and knows that you are sick, he is supposed to come and heal you. You must purport in your heart to call him frankly then he will come and brood. “The bread of the children” is not for dogs to the believer healing is the bread of the children, so eat the bread of healing and be healed in Jesus name!
   If you can believe now, I see the Holy Spirit eager to brood over your life now in Jesus name!

The bible says, “Healing is the bread of the children”. In Rev.12: 11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the words of their testimony. Anything not planted by the father shall be hewn down”. In those first two--bible verse there is four-point -faith-elements. Namely---bread ---children---testimony---blood. Oh’ sweet Holy Spirit teaches us knowledge to produce faith for healing now.
“Bread” of life and the “blood” that speaks better things than that of Abel has been given to the children of God for a sweet ‘testimony’.
Let these elements be a strong testament of faith in you. If you are truly a child of God the bread, blood, testimony are yours now in this world. We don’t need healing or bread or blood or testimony in heaven. These are God’s provision to his children, and not for the entire mankind.
You don’t need miracle for faith, but faith for miracle. The bible never said faith cometh by miracles and miracles by what you see. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God”. We have a good standing by the following statement: miracles cometh by faith and faith by what we believe in the word of God.
My husbands healing ministry started with himself. He use to have boils on his head. As soon as he notice one, he would quickly stretch his finger on the exact spot and decree like this. “You boil I curse you according to the order of the fig tree! Wither within three days in Jesus name! Right from that moment we believe it’s been done and over with. The same faith that healed the boil can heal a football-sized tumor of anywhere! Jesus did not care about statistical report or research or data analysis or medical expertise or diagnosis before accepting to be made sick that we could enjoy divine health. It is possible not to have a family doctor.  my husband is almost forty above he doesn't know how it feels having a drip on him or spent two minutes on a hospital bed. Talk about divine protection! Exodus 23:25-26 I will take sickness away from the midst of thee…the number of thy days I will fulfill. Deut.7: 15 and the Lord will take away from thee all sickness. You don’t have to be a spiritual prophet before obtaining your healing. Release your faith in the word of God and persist and cast out all doubts. Keep confessing how you have been made whole by the strips of Jesus. No matter the length of days or weeks. Confess it, profess, decree it, say it, think it, imagine it, sleep and wake up in it. Let all your actions be based on the fact that you have been healed.
The just shall live by faith. Proverb 3:20 have this to say “by his knowledge (which will produce faith in you) the depths are broken up, and the cloud drop down the dews”. Oh! God my father let the depth of faith be broken up for a desiring heart now. I proclaim and decree divine health upon you now in Jesus name!

to be continued next on Healing Series 4

God bless you for reading

7 Readers Commented:

  1. I believe that before anything happens to any of his children,God already knows about it.His will and purpose for our lives forever remain unchanged even in sickness and death,whichever,he must surely glorify himself.

  2. Thanks be to God... yes Bola you are so correct. His Will never changes, He is just... thanks for the contribution always grateful for your continous suppport.
    Godbless you in Jesus mighty name Amen

  3. Healing is not the goal. Relationship with Jesus is what we seek. If he chooses to heal me before heaven then that's His choice. I must learn to trust in all circumstances.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Mike your comment really strikes a cord of substance (heaven).this is the goal of all believers, but issues like healing, deliverance,breakthrough etc are just ways we can eat our cake and have it. Enjoy it here and afterwards heaven. Nothing to loose. After all Jesus Came to die that we might have all these in abundance including life eternal etc
    Thanks for the contribution all the time it is a means for we all to learn from different people of God, you would be surprised how many people benefit from comments posted

  6. Channelofhealing, I believe that everything good or bad happens to us is for reason. And I also believe that healing begins with not everyone praying for that person, but that person praying and having faith too. Just for example, not sure if I mention that, but few years ago I had cousin diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) and he was only 9 years old. Shock to everyone. It is since then I believe that he wouldn't survive if he did not accept what was happening, and as everyone prayed he also prayed, and I think that gave him strength to be healthy boy again. The sad part is that lot of people are only attentive to God in case of need, and then when God is not needed, everything goes back to what it was, but then some see it, and thank God every day for all every good or bad day - and when there is good day then enjoy good day, and learn from the bad day. I thought I add couple of my cents to the post, but thanks for writing and posting such a great information something always to learn and something to reinforce in our attitudes towards God and towards others. Anna :)

  7. Praise God Anna, what can I add to this wonderful contribution of yours? I believe I can just thank God for people like you who join hands in making a mark in the world they live in.
    Everything you said is true Anna... we must learn to live and give God the Glory all the days of our lives whether in favourable or unfavourable conditions. we serve an awesome God who loves us all, wether we accept that love or not is a different issue.
    thanks again Anna I love you with the LOVE of the LORD.


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