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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oprah Is at it Again!!!

Oh Oprah why don't you just live your life the way you want it,  why drag others along in this big lie? if you don't believe in God that's is your problem, why lead others astray , why not walk the walk alone . . .  why make others fall too Oprah?

You have become her OWN god  and you are god unto yourself since all you need is you  and your frequent teachings of "we have to become ONE with ourselves "  you surround yourself with those who agree  with your  views. How many have you led astray with this erroneous teaching of yours Oprah ? daily people watching and reading your Spirituality classes  are being led astray by the snares of the devil.  Then as for bishop saying being gay is  gift from God that is the height of it  . . . .  that is blasphemy, For Being gay is not a gift from God!!! The Bible forbids homosexuality . for the fact that one indulges in these acts means they are far away from God no matter how close that person claims to be with God Almighty for such acts doesn't GLORIFY GOD. The thing is the nature of man is  sinful one but that is why we have to strive to be righteous and righteousness comes form God and not by self.  ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE , ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE HALLLEYAH!!!




7 Readers Commented:

  1. Preach it sister! Lord someone needs to give this woman a Bible so she can know the truth and be set free! I pray for her soul and every person who is being misled and misinformed!

  2. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy! Only Jesus can stop the enemy, and I am truly praying for that audience to find truth. The enemy found his way into Oprah's heart, and now has access to multitudes because of her fame. It's so tragic. We must pray for Oprah...fame and success has gone to her head, and she's unknowingly being deceived. But doesn't the Bible say the enemy is cunning, clever, and fights dirty? This absolutely will happen in the end times. The Bible is clear, that many will be led astray by listening to lying spirits.

  3. Oh my sis Valerie, the devil really has hooked her real bad so all we can do is Pray she does not lead others astray

  4. Amen sis Lori Godbless you

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  6. It is so sad that even Christians don't know what God says about this. They should read Romans 1:17-32, you can get it clearer than that


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