Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God Bless Ron Heather!!!

Atheist bus adverts: Christian refuses to drive bus declaring ‘there’s probably no God’

A devout Christian has become the first driver to refuse to get behind the wheel of a bus bearing an atheist poster declaring God probably does not exist.

Ron Heather, 62, walked out in protest after seeing the advert declaring: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

He told his managers he could not drive the bus because the slogan, placed on the side of 800 buses across the country last week after a fundraising campaign raised £140,000, went against his faith.

They have now agreed to accommodate his religious beliefs by letting him drive buses in Southampton that do not bear the controversial message, which has been supported by atheists including Professor Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist.

It comes after more than 200 people complained to the Advertising Standards Agency about the posters, which were created by Ariane Sherine, a comedy writer, as an antidote to religious adverts on public transport that “threaten eternal damnation” to passengers.

The watchdog is now considering whether to investigate the campaign on the grounds that it is offensive, or that its central claim about God’s existence cannot be substantiated.

Mr Heather, who served in the Royal Navy for 25 years before becoming a bus driver four years ago, said: “When I first saw the bus last Saturday I was shocked.

“I was just about to board and there it was staring me in the face. My first reaction was horror. I’d heard about this silly campaign in London but I had no idea it was coming to Southampton.

He added: “There would be no way buses would be able to drive around with an anti-Muslim message like that on the side mentioning Allah. There would be uproar.

“I’m not the only one who has mentioned it – some of the passengers don’t like the adverts at all.”

Despite the complaints since the atheist buses took to the streets, the campaign is still being seen as a success because its organizers had only hoped to raise £5,500 and place adverts on a few routes in London.

The adverts were backed by some faith groups for encouraging debate about religion.

Hanne Stinson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association, which is running the campaign, said: “I have difficulty understanding why people with particular religious beliefs find the expression of a different sort of beliefs to be offensive.”

- Source: Atheist bus adverts: Christian refuses to drive bus declaring ‘there’s probably no God’, Martin Beckford, Telegraph (UK), Jan. 16, 2009 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

I say God bless you Sir Ron Heather for  taking a stand and not compromising you faith in Christ Jesus Our Lord. . . I cannot even say that for some pastors these days but you looked the devil in the eye and you chose God over the devil God bless you again. People take note, know when to say no to the devil even if your life depends on it. Amen!!!


valerie lynn said...

Yay! Praise the Lord! By him taking a stand for what he believes in which is Jesus Christ. He was standing up for his faith regardless of it he lost his job. What a powerful showing of his faith! I pray more will take a bold stand for Christ! How awesome this would be!

alan pardoe said...

BBC Presenter: Difficult to Speak about God
By Anne Thomas
Christian Today Reporter
Tue, Jan. 20 2009 06:03 PM EST
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BBC presenter Jeremy Vine has spoken about the difficulties he faces in openly discussing his Christian faith on air.

In an interview with Reform magazine, the Radio 2 and Panorama presenter admitted he found it difficult to reconcile his beliefs with his job.

“I'm living a strange life aren't I? A journalist is paid not to have views. But we all know that we do. We're all made of different things. We all think different things,” he told the magazine.

“One of the things I think, which may sound bizarre, is that Christ is who he said he was. I don't think I'd put that out on my show; I suppose there is a bit of a firewall between thinking that and doing the job I do.”

Vine, who converted to Christianity in his twenties and is a practicing Anglican, went on to say it would be problematic for him to share his beliefs during discussions on his radio programs.

“Just blurting it out would be destructive. Just because something's true doesn't mean you can say it. That's quite an important principle. Once I put my cards on the table about my faith in discussions, it becomes problematic.”

He continued, “You can't express views that were common currency 30 or 40 years ago. Arguably the parameters of what you might call ‘right thinking’ are probably closing. Sadly, along with that has come the fact that it's almost socially unacceptable to say you believe in God.”

Although he does not share about his own faith on air, Vine said that discussions about God always generated a huge response. “The energy goes up,” he said.

He admitted, however, to tussling with himself over the morality of the programs he presents.

“I'm trying to work out whether any part of the BBC Jeremy Vine is the Christian Jeremy Vine. I would never claim that being a Christian would make me a better person, let alone a better broadcaster," he explained.

“I would never ever say that. For me it's family, church, prayer, hoping – and then the job is something else. From time to time I've asked myself, 'Is the program moral?' and I'm glad I can't answer it.”

Addressing the state of the church today, he commented, “I know it gets attacked for being in a muddle but we are the muddle. And the muddle is our life.

“I feel sorry for the church because it keeps bumping into walls and it's full of good people. But a pain-free church would be a really spooky, unpleasant space.”

Channelofhealing said...

Amen sis Valerie! am so happy for the life of that man. imagine in Britain for such a person to take a stand boldly for God is worthy of note I tell you.

Godbless you for commenting even when i don't visit as I should

Channelofhealing said...

Sir Alan I did see that Disturbing News yetserday but Thank God for people like you are still there in Britain to stand firmly for God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ