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Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Arrests For Child Witch Killers in Nigeria

Child ‘Witch’ Killer Arrested in Nigeria: 


Police in south-east Nigeria have arrested a man who claimed to have killed 110 child “witches.” Self-appointed ”Bishop” Sunday Ulup-Aya told a documentary film team he “delivered” children from demonic possession.

However, Ulup-Aya reportedly told the police after his arrest, that he only killed the “witches” inside the children, and not the children themselves.

Child rights campaigners say children are frequently abandoned, hideously injured and even murdered because their families believe they are witches.

Self-proclaimed “pastors” extort money from families to exorcise the children, but no one had been charged until now.

Ulup-Aya was arrested in Akwa Ibom State after a child rights campaigner led police to his church and negotiated a consultation fee for an exorcism. He has now been charged with murder.

Five others have been arrested since the weekend and the state government says more arrests are planned.

4 Readers Commented:

  1. I am so glad they are going to put a stop to this!

    Berean Wife

  2. This is a terrible thing that is happening, and I applaud you for posting this news.

  3. Oh how the devil is busy! This truly saddens my heart. How can someone say they were "trying to get rid of the wiches within the children!" That was nothing but a bold face lie! Oh I how my heart and soul are grieving for these children and children all over the world. I know it is a sign of the "end times." I know that Jesus retun is getting closer and closer. I know all this madness will end. My prayers to the families of these children and children all over the world.

    Love you and thank you for posting this.


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