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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Seven Things About Me Tag



I’ve recently been  tagged by Lori laws  at: PERSEVERE, The rules are that when you are tagged you have to share 7 things about yourself.

I cannot count how many times I have been tagged but have not responded  because I have not been led to do so by the Holy Spirit, but today the Holy Spirit gave me the go ahead so I will use this opportunity to answer all the tags from my great friends like  AnnaAdullamite, Valerie lynn and others whom I have forgotten to name here today,  so here it goes . . .

These are short but will go along way to tell you who I am and what am like incase you were wondering my friend . . . .The 7 things that I would like to share are:


1)  Created fearfully and wonderfully by God Almighty . . .  I love my Savior Jesus  Christ, I listen to the Holy spirit all the time for direction. I live for God and am His and His alone, I call my God "Daddy" for He is my DADDY. . . Thank You Jesus!!! I believe only God knows His true servants and those that Love Him and keep His commandments.

2)  Am the First Child of my Parents, My Name is IJ or Hanna am 5 ft 7in short,  brown eyes , light skinned, brown hair, married to a very nice and caring man  named "Lucky" who I know God gave to me to wipe away my tears and to believe that not all men are not like my father, also I hold  B.s.c Degree in Business Administration from Lagos State University (LASU)

3)  Am a Nigerian Woman  from the eastern part of the Country, born in the Niger Delta region (famous for it's restiveness . . . the Oil Curse) I have  lived in  Delta StateRivers State: Port Harcourt, Enugu State , Anambra State, Imo and Abia States) By the Leading of the Holy Spirit I now Reside in Lagos State the former capital of  Nigerian (Naija)

4)  Have traveled through my Country but not much to the Northern part (Hausa Land) but been through the Eastern, Western and most part of the southern parts of Nigeria , Outside of Nigeria have been to the following Countries Benin Republic, Cotonou Ethiopia and India, as you can see I don't like traveling much , but do hope, God willing someday I may be able to travel the World if necessary

5)  Never taken a vacation in my life never went on "honey moon" too I look at those things as waste of time In My Humble opinion ,I have always believed you can vacation while working or doing something important with your life, not lazing around somewhere boring the daylights out of myself and those around me. So I prefer to work and relax  a little wherever I am , so no special time to take a break . . . funny but that's just my way of thinking. Not addicted to anything , don't indulge my self on anything whatsoever. . .

6) Am content with all that the Lord has showered me with, I love content people and loathe greed/selfishness , I love humility, I love my own space, don't meddle on other peoples lives ,don't enjoy talking about myself . I used to be over protective of my family (Siblings) most times making me the enemy for not wanting them to experiment with stuff  and do whatever it is they want  to do, so yeah, am very unpopular in that area in my family, but God has given me wisdom to go about it nowadays.  I let everybody be and ,react when am led by the Spirit of God. also I  Find it difficult sleeping at night you could say I suffer from acute insomnia while my husband is the complete opposite you could characterize him as a hypersomniac which is quite urggh  so frustrating watching him sleep easily while I Pray for sleep to come at night.

7) I love listening to Music a lot I grew up in a family where my parents always played music so it became  part of me, I also I love Mystery Movies, crime and history Channels ,  I watch a lot of the following Mary Higgins Clark movies and thrillers of any kind, also investigative dramas like Perry mason, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock,  Agatha Christies Poirot, Miss Marple, Jake and the fat Man, Father Dowling Mysteries ,Barnaby Jones, Get smart,  I also enjoy good comedy shows too like the three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, Maude , ,golden Girls etc am a big conspiracy person so I watch a lot of these things for one, I do not like to call them conspiracies especially when they appear truthful to me especially when there is physical evidence that confirms what's in the Scriptures

That's all I can say for now.

11 Readers Commented:

  1. You and your blog bless me!

    God bless you!

  2. A great list, sis! Enjoyed reading it. Shhh! I'm still "hiding" from those brethren and sisters -- I'm way behind on passing on awards and memes. :P

  3. I give God all the Glory sis Lori

    You are blessing to me too

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I understand brother Isaiah, it is not easy especially for me to do these things but I thank God for His Grace upon my life.

    By Gods grace I Just Got a new Webhost Account, so am working on it when am ready to move will let evryone know so maybe my posting may be fewer for now, who knows will post as the Spirit leads but try to do it fast (the new site).


  6. Hi,

    I see we have a few things in common. We cannot live to please people. we have to please God.
    Thanks for sharing


  7. so good to know you a little better.

  8. My friend what a beautiful post this was. I can tell by reading it the Holy Spirit did in fact lead you into writing about yourself. You have truly been blessed. I have been blessed from reading it. Thank you and love you so much!

  9. We thank God for everything sis Gi

    thanks for reading


  10. My Plaesure sis Yvette, am Grateful to God for everything


  11. Thank you for the comment sis Valerie and I give God all the Glory



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