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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Most Peculiar"


A Post From Fishhawk's Blog Asthecrackerheadcrumbles

Now therefore, if you will obey My voice in truth and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own peculiar possession and treasure from among and above all peoples; for the earth is Mine. {Exodus 19:5 AMP}

By definition, according to [Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary], peculiar means: (1) characteristic of only one person, group, or thing: distinctive (2) different from the usual or normal, a: special, particular b: odd, curious c: eccentric, queer.

Personally, I would add different to the list. In fact, strange or weird makes even more sense to me. For this is what I feel like when I try to explain the kind of relationship that I have had with our Heavenly Father since He became real to me in 1993, and from the reactions that I have received, I do not believe that many would disagree with the assertion that I truly am most peculiar in a very strange and weird kind of way (at best).

I don’t understand why. For it is not like I am the only one whom He has been talking to on a regular basis. Granted, I know that He has been talking to me a little more than most because of what He wants to accomplish in and through me, but He certainly has not been as silent as what most have been led to believe.

Proof of this can be heard everywhere. For such things as, “The thought just came to me,” “A little birdy told me,” ”Something just told me,” and even, “The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,” are common expressions.

Other things, such as, “I had a feeling about that,” “My gut just told me,” “I had a dream about that last night,” along with seeing things that are not really there and feelings of déjà vu, all stand as irrefutable evidence of the fact that something is going on. So, why is it so hard for us to want to believe that it may be our Heavenly Father seeking to directly communicate with us in one way or another?

This is not what we have been taught—is it? For on one side of the Christian community, the general consensus of opinion is that He only speaks to a select few—mostly members of the clergy. On the other side, it is ferverently believed (for the most part) that He only speaks through His Holy Bible now.

Alas, is it not no wonder that atheism is making such a strong showing in families that have been traditionally Christian for generations? For how is it possible to truly have a very close and personal relationship with a church hierarchy or a book?

No, this is not to say that the time has come for abandonment of all traditions. MAY IT NEVER BE!!! For our Heavenly Father established His church in the name of His only begotten Son to serve as a safe haven for all in need, which includes all of us—regardless of our circumstances, and He gave us His Holy Scriptures to serve as written confirmation of what He Himself wants to personally reveal to each individual.

Nonetheless, without a very close and personal relationship with Him, churches are little more than social clubs at best, and mob meeting halls at worst, and His Holy Scriptures are nothing more than words on a page of an ancient book. By the way, is there not something in your gut telling you that this is indeed true right now?

Simply put, it is impossible to truly have a very close and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father without hearing His voice. For without that, all anyone can have is faith in their own understanding.

Even though there is nothing more important than our Spiritual welfare, there is another advantage to wanting to truly hear our Heavenly Father’s voice. For He is interested in every aspect of our daily lives while we are still a part of this world.

No, this is not to say that all who want to truly hear His voice will be told how to be healthy, wealthy and wise. For in my own case, my life has been a disaster, but this has to do with what He wants to accomplish in and through me. Be assured that it may be different for you, and it will be for most, which is still not to say that everything will be wonderful. That is, at least not in regards to the here and now.

Speaking of the here and now, we will be electing a new president of the United States of America in less than two weeks, and our Heavenly Father has been telling me that whoever wins will not be nearly as good as their supporters hope, nor as bad as their opponents fear. Not much of a ringing endorsement, I know, but what can we expect after we have been insisting upon doing things our own way for so long?


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  1. Thank you, my dear Hannah IJ. I hope Lucky gets to feeling better soon.

  2. "Granted, I know that He has been talking to me a little more than most because of what He wants to accomplish in and through me, but He certainly has not been as silent as what most have been led to believe."

    Well, each person who walks with the Lord thinks that the Lord speaks to them more than others ;D. Its because we don't see His heart, and cannot grasp eternity.

    He is intimately in love with each one of us, as though we were the only ones in His Life. The dimensions of the His Presence is something that one can see, but not describe.

    I agree with you about Obama. The Lord spoke to me the same, but He also told me that those who follow Him were going to get into a time of awakement.

    He reigns,


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  4. God be Praised!!!
    Thank You fishhawk and He is better now


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  6. I J I think I clicked on the wrong post. I thought I was clicking on the "I've been tagged" post. Sorry about that!

  7. No Problem sis


  8. Hello Hanna,

    That's some good stuff from Fishhawk. Also it is nice to know a little bit more about you from the post i have been tagged. May your Heavenly Daddy bless you this day as he does each and every day!

    Tamela :)

  9. Godbless you sis Tamela am grateful you love the posts by fishhawk and seven things about me tag

  10. Hanna my friend too, oh it is so nice of you. I love your 7 things about you, you so down to earth, you go girl, lol, No. 5.
    I find lot of similarities between me and you.
    You know you showered me with so many tags and awards as also others did too, and I wasn't able to do any of those, but I will, I have a list and I will, and I like this tag one too. Thank you again, you are so precious. God Bless you.
    Anna :)

  11. Godbless you so much Anna, I love you too


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