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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Please Pray for India

This post is to draw your attention to the serious Persecutions that our fellow Christians are going through in India.


I have been worried for sometime now that almost everyone even the governments of the world are keeping quiet while these savage attacks are being meted out to our fellow  Christians all over the world.  we cannot sit back and do nothing brothers and Sister, there is something we can do and that is, call on Our Father in  Heaven to help us out in this case.

I actually saw a Man threaten Christians on TV with death, if they don't denounce Christ and Christianity and it is so terrible and painful to see the horrific pictures and evil being perpetuated by these evil people on  Our Christian Brethren.

So I am calling for Christians to Pray for India, I beg you to please take out time in your day to do this at least until the violence and maiming of the Children of God stops in India and elsewhere in the World.

Here is a little summary of the events in India as I don't want to go into a long post. . .  for this should suffice.

"We are afraid to move out. Some Christians staying in institutions or bungalows are hiding in jungles or villages," said Bishop of Sambalpur Lucas Kerketta, whose jurisdiction includes Bargarh. "We have two to three policemen, and they can’t control a big crowd… we have asked for more security."

In apparent retaliation, Hindu hard-liners set ablaze a Christian orphanage last Monday, killing a Christian woman and seriously injuring a priest. The violence has since spread to mob attacks on churches, shops and homes.

"The fact that Christians have been made the scapegoats and victims of a VHP (World Hindu Council) backlash is deplorable," the freedom fighters stated in their letter. The Church in India and abroad has also succinctly declared that it is against violence of any sort and has condemned the murder of the prominent Hindu leader.

Last year, four people were killed and nearly 20 churches destroyed in similar clashes in Orissa.

Hundreds of churches and Christian homes have been torched or damaged by the rampaging mobs, whilst thousands of Christians have been forced to abandon their homes and flee to surrounding forests.

The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) said that as many as 20,000 people may have fled.

Old, infirm, women and children have left their villages," the group added.

11 Readers Commented:

  1. We will be sure to remember our Brother's and Sister's in Christ that are suffering and being persecuted for the cause of Christ. The Word of God did not promise us that these things wouldn't happen. Jesus said if they hate you it is because they hate me. So we will also pray that the Love for Jesus would begin to arise in the heart's of those that are bringing harm to the body of Christ. If God can Change the heart of Saul/Paul who persecuted and took part in the death of Christians than God can change the heart of these people as well... God Bless you! Tamela

  2. Anonymous15:19

    I stand firmly in agreement with you sister. I will pray for Christians who are being persecuted all over the world. The devil is running out of time and he is doing all he can to separate and remove those who are fighting the fight of faith. We know God has the ultimate victory in this battle. We must join together in prayer and unity for our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. Blessings

  3. My Brother, I will offer up my prayers here for this injustice. I would also with your permission like to link to your post to promote spreading the word.

    God Bless my friend and Brother…

  4. Sidharth18:36

    Thanks Hanna for praying for us.


  5. Godbless you tamela you rae blessed and Highly Favoured!


  6. God bless you valerie it is a thing of joy that we are commited to Praying for our Brothers and sisters in Christ

  7. Godbless You TRT thank you very much

  8. We Praise God for everything, Sidhart.

  9. My prayers are with those who suffer. I really did not know that those things are still happening. Thanks for sharing this story with us Hanna, and for the awareness. Anna :)

  10. Heard about it in church and we have been asked to continue praying for our brethren in India. May the God of heaven intervene for them and show their persecutors that he is still the God of old.


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