Monday, September 8, 2008

Jesus I Love Calling Your Name

Artist: Shirley Caesar

Jesus, Jesus, I love calling Your name.
Jesus, Jesus, everyday Your name is the same.
Verse 1:
When the troubles surround me,
and I didn’t have to despair;
Lord, You told me that You’d be right there.
Seems like all my problems, they have just begun;
but I’m not gonna worry about it no more, You’ve already won.


Verse 2:
I remember the time when I felt so all alone,
when I needed You, Jesus, all I had to do was call.
I called You in the morning,
I called You late at night,
but when I went on my knees and called You, Lord,
You made everything alright.


Oh How I love calling your Name Lord Jesus!!! I will call on thee day and Night I will not leave thy sight Oh Lord God of my Salvation.



Bola said...

I only know the chorus of this song, never knew it had verses.Thanks for posting this,it is one of the songs that has seen me through some hard times.

Peace to you.

Channelofhealing said...
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Channelofhealing said...

Yes Bola it does have verses you know in our Churches in NAija" we only sing the Chorus so I get why you are not aware of the Verses

Godbless you sis.

Anna said...

Wow what a beautiful song, thanks for sharing, Anna :)

Channelofhealing said...

Halleluyah to God most High

Godbless You Anna