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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Church Sex Campaigns!?






Watch this too


I cannot even begin to imagine that this goes on in Churches in America AND AROUND THE WORLD! I haven't been doing much blogging lately or even visiting my fave blogs because am a bit stressed at the moment and am also trying not to sit for long due to pain I have on my pelvic bone but the Lord is Strengthening me in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

I thought all that was going on in most Churches was the lukewarm messages coming out out of the pulpit.  I didn't know that right there in the Church, "Sex" is now the major subject  instead of the message of salvation and repentance from sin.

As if people don't get enough of that from the media , they still have get that inside the Church too!? Jesus am scared !!!

Little wonder I found this  pictures of some Church adverts (flyers) on the Web today . . .

churchsmut11 churchsmut2

churchsmut31 churchsmut5

This is just so B  A  D!!! call me old fashioned I don't think these types of messages should be what we hear from the Altar . . .

May God Forgive us all in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

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  1. I will have to agree with you Hanna, i believe the church is straying away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I know that there are certain issues that the church might need to address and teach from a Biblical perspective but when Paul spoke of sexual immorality, it was no laughing matter it wasn't something to take lightly and make a joke about

    What concerns me about some of the teachings within some of the churches is that when sin is addressed it is done a lot of times in a joking kind of way.

    There seems to be no convicting sorrow for personal sinful activities of and in those people who call themselves christians either.

    Nor is the message being taught that one should be repenative and sorrowful for their sinful activities. The church really needs to get back to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then from there i truly believe all these other issues won't even have to be addressed because people will begin to have a heart after God and His righteousness.

    With that said Hanna i pray that you will begin feeling better and that the pain in your pelvic will demenish and be healed and I pray that in the Name of Christ Jesus.. God bless you Tamela

  2. I agree with you. These are my quick thoughts on the subject. Sex is very much 'in your face'in the media today and this is no reason why the Church should be taken in by this culture.

    However, sex is a powerful driving force and needs to be under the control of the Holy Spirit. It is a top topic with youngsters who need Bible-based answers. And it's not just the young! Sexual misconduct or addiction has been the downfall of many a pastor and minister and is used by the Devil to undermine ministries. So there is a need within the Church for anointed appropriate teaching and prayerful support on the subject. There is a divine balance between ignoring it completely and going over the top.

    Bless you

  3. I hope you are feeling better, sis.

    Unfortunately we can't do much about what's happening except pray for those caught up in this that God guides them to His truth.

    While we have churches that deliver such messages, we shouldn't forget that without a demand for such messages, the supply won't be there. Obviously there are many today who are more interested in "our best life now" (even in the bedroom) rather than "our best eternal life to come".

  4. I keep saying, we're so concerned about the "here and now" we for get that our major concern is for the "there and after".

    Discussions like these belong in a one on one counseling session, or a specifically designed course for adults only on a Thursday night or something. Not in a pulpit - not this extreme and forward. This makes me slightly sick. Strike that - it makes me REALLY sick. Has the Christian church sunk so low? DO we really think that talking about sex will "draw them in"? Show me in the Bible where it says to bring unsaved people to the Temple, or where if the Temple had a coffee shop or a book store in the corner. Wait a second - didn't Jesus get angry with the merchants in the Temple??

    God's word is ENOUGH! It's good enough to lead people to salvation, correct the saved, and teach our children. We don't need magic and miracles, we need FAITH - believing in things we CAN'T see!

    Sorry about the rant. I feel like we try to sink to the world's level, instead of rising above and leading sinners to a place that is not OF the world. I know my Savior is coming back, and I thank God for that daily now. I don't think our world will last to much longer - this is just heartbreaking. I am truly frightened for those in the pulpit perverting and distorting the Scripture - The Bible takes a very clear stand on that.

  5. what can i say just so true.keep praying that the church gets it's act to you and your family.

  6. Lavrai19:26

    Yikes! I watched most of the first video... and I am not sure what to say... During his sermon -- what is considered by some to be the meat of fellowship -- he takes live text messages? ...About sex questions? Is this the Jerry Springer show?

    Are we assembling ourselves for entertainment? How do things like this glorify the FATHER...? That is why we are here, aren't we? That is why we were created, isn't it? -- To honor and glorify HE WHO MADE US?

    LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, have mercy on YOUR people, O LORD. Cover us, I pray, and keep us covered by YOUR blood Jesus and protect us from this delusion being poured out on the world.

    Sex questions are for those behind doors personal counseling sessions with our pastors... not for the pulpit.

  7. Sis I do hope you are feeling better. I pray for strength and healing for you in Jesus mighty and powerful name. As far as the "Sex" within the church sermons, all I can say is "PRAY" without ceasing on the subject. It is definetely in my opinion a "sign of the times". It is like some ministers are saying let us not teach about Jesus Christ and the way to Salvation but instead let's teach about everything else but the way to Salvation. Truly sad but the truth for some churches. Grace and Peace

  8. Hanna you are so right, I don't like it either how sex now days is used in churches. Sorry to hear about your pelvic bone, hope you get well, and hope your stress will go away, you know stress may partially contribute to your pelvic pain as blood vessels tend to contract and restrict blood circulation. We bloggers always be here, so don't you worry about not blogging, take care of your self first. Take care, Anna :)

  9. There are different kind of worshippers;

    1. Those that worship in spirit and in truth.

    2. Those that worship for personal gains,

    3. Those who are just there because they think that is the right thing to do,

    4. Those that are neither here nor there, floating christians.

    The 1st set are the children of God, the true believers, and you don't need much convincing to know those that are members of that group.

    The 2nd group are the ones who will do anything and i mean anything to make sure that they make it in life.they searched around for a means to an end and concluded that preaching could be a means to an end.They do not have the spirit of God,so they go to any length to ensure people believe in them, they perform rituals to gather crowd, uses incantations and they preach corrupt messages, they simply tell the unfortunate people who worship in their church want they want to hear.I have heard of a pastor who collect money to pray for people, you pay to see him and if you go to the church to receive prayer for the blessings of the womb, the annointing oil he uses is mixes with some sort of tranquilisers, he will sleep with them when they are unconscious and all sorts of attrocities , still the church is still growing.
    Some of this so called pastors started well but the devil gave them up to a reprobate mind to do things that are not convenient.That is, in their bid to get more followers, they bend the rules,they soften their messages, and they tell themself it does not really matter how pple dress and compose themself becos God is not interested in our outwards appearance.

    The 3rd and 4th groups are the ones that are easily swayed by those fake preachers, they follow the crowd, they believe anything and everything.

    My sister, the summary of all these is that such preachers are not children of God, they are USURPERS, and all these clearly shows that the end time is here.All we can do as children of God is to pray and forcefully protect that which is ours, THE NAME OF GOD from continuos blasphemy.


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  11. Please could you read and post this on your site. love in the Lord. Thank you.

  12. Godbless You sis Tamela for all you have said I hope people read your comment

  13. Godbless You Wayferejon you are indeed blessed

  14. Godbless You Brother Isaiah, it is raelly outrageous

  15. Sis lorikate you are free to rant all you want as long as it is for righteousness sake


  16. That is also my Prayer Sir Alan


  17. Lavrai my feelings exactly!!! Godbless you for comment

  18. Sis Valerie thanks for the Prayers am indeed grateful Godbless

  19. Thanks for te advice Anna, I stressed alot and panic over a situation but my God has comforted me


  20. Sis Bola thanks for the elucidation we will all take note


  21. Dear Alan I did post it here, it is a terrible thing happening in India. But I know that Our Redeemer Liveth



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