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Monday, August 18, 2008

Update on Todd Bentley & Lakeland

This particular article  was brought to my  attention by an anonymous visitor and I didn't think it would nice for me to read it alone because, I'd say, this about clears most of the questions I and most of  you fellow brothers and Sisters have been asking for sometime now and I think that the Body of Christ needs to heal from this heartache so we can move forward. . .  to the work of our God ! Amen.



Sun August 17, 2008 10:11 am 

Roberts Weekly Pondering
Todd Bentley's moral failure was publicly exposed this week. There is more that has come forth from young women and pastors from his home town and around the world, so more information should be forthcoming, unfortunately. We have tried to be wise in our reporting, as we felt compelled to report because so many questions were being asked and so many were being influenced by wrongful doctrine and untruthful claims. Many leaders have been deceived and so we know the deception was very powerful, even though many of us were wondering how so many had been caught up in it.

Lakeland was not revival, but there were many who made the journey who were touched. The question was, how could that be? Well we know that God inhabits the praises of His people and there were many who came to worship Him in the Lakeland meetings. Many came expecting, and God met them in their expectation of Him. There were claims of the dead raised and other extravagant miracles, and this simply did not happen. Some people were healed and many were touched in the worship. We have seen in the past from Ted Haggard, William Branham, Paula White, etc., that results can happen regardless of the character and lifestyle of those from the platform. Todd's lifestyle, character, doctrine, methods, etc., often did not line up with the Word of God and that is why there was such a schism in the charismatic church. Those that supported Lakeland and felt touched and those of us that were watching in shock as we seemed to be watching a completely different story.

We have asked leaders to not put a spin on their involvement and to consider acknowledging that they were duped. I have been duped before and will again. I was fortunate that on this occasion, we had information early on of the deception that was going on. We witnessed how this was in fact perpetrated by man, for man's agendas. We shared this with many of leaders involved, and many would not listen. Instead they warned us to not come against Todd Bentley, his lifestyle, his methods, or his doctrine, because he was God's choice to mess with our religion. We were called "revival police", and other names for asking questions. The fact was that they needed revival police, because there was criminal activity going on. Todd should have been arrested for assault when he kicked a sick man to the ground in Jesus name.

I am hoping that those leaders who supported Lakeland and used the same platform for gain would come forth and admit that they either were too concerned with their own agendas to listen to those who warned them of such things, or they simply just missed it. God TV has an enormous responsibility in all this and ignored wisdom from many leaders regarding this. At the time of this writing, many have back pedaled claiming that they did not lay hands on Todd, or endorse him. It would be refreshing if they came out and said, I am so sorry, please forgive us for our blindness in these matters. And also ask Todd for forgiveness in using his platform, rather than having Todd come down from the platform for the ministry and healing that was needed.

If you have talked to the people who have been hurt by this violence and abuse, you would understand the frustration from many of us. When we questioned staff members, and former staff members about Todd, many used the same words to describe him, Pathological Liar". These lies in the guise of ministry and Todd's behind the scenes lifestyle made it difficult for his board and others to discern. I have gotten emails wondering if I am happy now that Todd has been caught in an affair, (see message from Todd's board). We are not happy about this, it has been sickening and impacts us all. I am saddened for him, for his family, for the other woman, and for all of those who have been hurt through this process and Todd's lifestyle. I pray for repentance, I pray for mercy, I pray for reconciliation and I pray for total exposure so that Todd can finally get the deliverance and healing he needs. This did not happen 3 years ago, and this led to this sad moment.

I would like to thank all the brave souls out there that stood for righteousness, holiness, and reverence towards the things of God. One man whom I love and respect is Lee Grady. He has been guarded and only released responsibly needed information, and he did so in the love of God, and the love of the truth of His Word. My prayer is that we could all learn from this. It could happen to any of us, if we refuse to walk humbly in the fear of God .We must also choose to walk with those around us that that will provide relational accountability, get in our face when they need to, and encourage us towards righteous living before God and man. Todd has a chance now to be whole for the first time in his life and that is what we should all pray for. We should also pray for a miracle in his family and also for the charismatic church to walk in plumb line truth of God's Word. We also pray for the church to rid themselves of the self pleasure pursuit of signs and wonders, and adrenaline rush experience, and instead pursue King Jesus and His righteousness in every aspect of our lives. As they die to self, and serve others, they will see signs and wonders follow their lifestyles of obedience while living in His presence.



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  1. I dare not talk about the works of the Lord and I pray that you do not either, Hanna.

    Todd Bentley has sinned and fallen away. But that doesnt nullify God's work. Balaam was unrighteous, but God used him to speak His blessings upon Israel even though his intentions were wrong.

    God isn't hindered by the style of ministering. People got saved, they got delivered and they got healed. There is no doubt about it. Not because Todd was super-spiritual, but because Abba does it even through people who are in sin.

    I remember listening an evangelist. He was testifying of how he was once living in sin, and while in sin God used him to heal an invalid in a wheel chair. No one could debate it.

    Let's not waste time talking about Todd. Let us raise the standard of holy living in our personal lives and preach the Word. =)


  2. I quite agree with Sidharth, talking about Todd is not worth the time and attention being given to it.We sholud pray for grace to continue to stand to the end.

  3. I stand in agreement with you both. Amen

  4. I always watch any TV ministry with a certain amount of watchfulness. To many have fallen. I believe that it is because they turn into entertainment, they have to become a show. The pressure of a rating to stay on the air is great. False healings are common to boost these ratings. When you see all those people going down the aisle to be saved remember that many of them are going down to minster to those that are coming to God. This looks good on TV and is not announced. I have been one of those that went down the aisle to minster and there is always a large number doing this.


  5. Thank you for this update. May we all pray for Todd Bentley and all that were involved in some way or another with him and the Revival. As well as pray for His family. I have always believed that we should never place a man on a pedestal. We are all mere human beings that sin and fall short of the glory of God. But the true test comes when we do fall short what is our next step. Hopefully humble repentance will break forth. Just as King David did when he was caught in his sin. He wept and He repented of his evil doings. He cried out to God! May we all humbly cry out to the Lord who is our saving King!

  6. I quite disagree with not pointing out the false and erroneous teachings of Todd Bentley simply just because God might have worked through him.

    If this were the case, we'd be letting many false teachers and false Christs run around unhindered, fleecing the flock and deceiving many, while we keep quiet and go "oooh, see! some people are getting saved!" so God must be working through them.

    I tell you that there is no doubt in my mind that we will be asked to give an account of why we didn't do anything to counter those false teachings and teachers when we had the truth!

    Paul called out the false teachers by name and we are told to be like the Bereans who tested everything. If a man professes to be a minister of God but teaches nothing but falsehoods and twists the Scriptures for his own benefit, call it out and warn.

    When a flock of sheep does not call out a wolf upon discovering his real identity, the entire flock is liable to be decimated.

    That said, I don't rejoice in the fact that there's a divorce on the books in this case. I might not like Bentley's ministry, but I believe we need to pray for his salvation as well as that of his wife's and children.

  7. Anonymous16:53

    I believe the so called Apostles who were so quick to commission Todd for the Apostleship need to repent for their evil ways. They are false prophets! Wanting attention for themselves. I wish they would shut the whole Fresh Fire Ministries down. It is a disgrace to the Lord Jesus.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Brother Sid the problem with the Church today is that we try not to chide one another when we fall away making it easy for people to feel comfortable in sin.
    I would rather be corrected than be excused of a sin I commited. that is my take on this brother and I hope you do undestand


  10. I do agree Bola but the matter has to be exposed so that those that have been decieved will come back to God in faith


  11. Godbless you sis Valerie

  12. Dear keith I can understand but many won't want to . . .
    Godbless you sir

  13. Godbless you Tamela and you are so right

  14. Godbless you Isaiah. You are so correct Brother

  15. Dear Annonymous they were wrong but maybe now some may have repented cos I heard some are denying they did that


  16. william d mino06:25

    The Lord remains the one at the center of christianity .!!
    though todd has fallen this in no way gives the right to any to pass judgement i say this not to stir a pot but for your protection.simply put todd is just like you me and the rest of humanity a man in need of grace. for many years some of us have seen and known and spoken in regards to the thigs transpiriing and sadly words spoken in this regard have now come to fruition. However God loves todd you me and the world for which was the only purpose God came in the form of man . Now friends of God we have a real chance to stand in the one true spirit of grace .not to attack the enemy with words but to attack with overcome the works he has manifested with grace love and wisdom. Who cares what peter c wagner says or anyone else they are just men and no one can hide outside the spectrum of God.folks take your eyes off the man and put them back on God it is all about HIM and HIS purposes not is quite devastating what has happened to our brother and the consequential effects it has rippled through the body But be not deceived God is not mocked and simply the man now reaps what he has sown the same as any one of us would/will do. todd was raised (elevated)by you and i not the spirit of God .he was lifted to a place of being godlike instead of standing against it as the apostles of old did (paul comes to mind rending his garment because of their desire to elevate him.) Friends we are the body. We are the ones in whom Christ has been Manifest! We are the ones for whom Jesus came and died for ,and friends we are HIS representative. now sin is sin todd is wrong but he is one man if your going to address this adress it on the grande scale speak of the many bound in pornography and adultery (really there is no difference) todd is not the only one and he is not responsible for all the hurt he was deceived and in turn deceived but grace is for him too! friends just like us i know him. i know that he had a heart simply to see God move.however many surrounded him in the past years. when your pastor becomes part of your ministry there is 0 distinction between the pastored(overseen) and the leader(overseer) money flooded in and money filtered into acf now called global harvest one has been blind here his ministry has been infiltrated by the enemy for quite some then friends is it wise for us to scrutinize the one man that we elevated?? repent stop all this foolish talk speak the truth in LOVE no one is a celebrity in God so let’s stop making them ourselves no one is saved by themselves it is a gift don’t forget that .
    Your little brother


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