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Friday, August 8, 2008

A New Beginning Is Here!

Praise God 08-08-08 is Here!!! our Church today is Praying these Prayers/Confessions below, so I would like you my Friend, I ask and plead if you can to join me in praying too and please remember others suffering all over the World needing your Prayers. you might find these Prayers and confessions strange but this is how we Pray and God answers us in His faithfulness.

Facts About 08-08-08

1.Eight/8 is a symbol of New Beginning . . .  today is a new Beginning for you my friend so start afresh God is willing to let us start afresh today . . . Amen

2.Earlier in the year our General Overseer said at our Cross-over service 2008 Is a year with a prophetic significance.

3.In the scripture the number "8" is a highly prophetic and significant number. It is a number of new beginning.

4.It is the number that connects the end of an old phase with the inception of a new one.

5.It is a number associated with change,new trends and innovations.

6.It is a number associated with  circumcision and new covenant realities.

7.It is associated with 8 people on Noah's Ark (2 Pet. 2:5);  Noah, Noah's wife, Shem, Ham, Japhet, and their wives-eight people started the world again after the flood (Genesis 8:'8)

8.It is   also a reminder that God made 8 covenants with Abraham

Confession: Isaiah 43:19: Behold , I will do a new thing, now it shall spring fort,shall yea not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Thank the Lord for enabling you to see this day. . . not everyone who started the year with us saw today but you did because of His Love

1. The hand of the lord is upon me as I prophecy now, great things will happen, in Jesus Mighty name.

2. I shall be re-anointed,re-powered and refreshed by the power of the Holy Ghost.

3. The joy of the lord is the strength of my life,in the name of Jesus.

4. The name of the Lord is a strong tower.I and my family run into it and we are safe,in Jesus name.

5. Satan will not put any diseases in my body,for every part of my body functions perfectly in Jesus name

6. I hear the sound of abundance of the rain of blessings coming my way today, in Jesus name.

7. The lord is my helper, I will not be afraid in the name of  Jesus.

8. I have the resurrection power of the Lord the Lord Jesus Christ within me, in the name of Jesus.

. My life will not end in shame,in the name of Jesus.

2.  The Haman, designs to destroy me shall die in my place,in the name of Jesus.

3. Heavens shall trouble my trouble today,in the name of Jesus.

4. My legs will carry me to my place of destiny,in the name of Jesus.

5.Power for a productive life, fall on me in Jesus name.

6. My star shall arise and shine to fall no more, in the name of Jesus.

7. Every problems that has a name in my life, bow to the name of Jesus,in Jesus name.

8. My mouth shall be larger than those of my enemies, in the name of Jesus. 

May God bless you as you Pray these Prayers in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

Love you all

14 Readers Commented:

  1. Beautiful! Powerful! Encouraging! Truth! I got so uplifted and full of the Spirit as I read your writings! Praise Jesus name and praise Him for my new beginnings! I know in my heart that the Lord is moving within myself and my family. God bless you my friend and enjoy your New Beginnings as well! Stay blessed!

  2. Sis, can I claim these too ?
    I love them!!

  3. I always knew "7" was the number of completion. I never thought about "8" being A New Beginning. But put it together, and yes, it connect the end of an old phase (7) with something new (8).
    And today 1s 8/8/08...Praise Jesus for New Beginnings!

  4. Sidharth06:19

    Awesome, I love this...=) Confession of our mouth is so important. I needed this!


  5. Praise be to our God in the Highest. . .for all He is doing for you and the body of Christ Amen.


  6. Oh Yes, sis TKWi. . . it is for everyone who is interested in Praying these kinds of Prayers . . . and it works too.


  7. Yes is is a New Beginning for us, Lori, Godbless you sis

  8. Sid, we are taught in our Ministry to Pray for ourselves "DIY" and not bother our pastors cos they are humans too like you and I.
    so we all have access to the throne of God so no room for Idol worship

  9. Luckenzo09:33

    COH,these are awesome confessions which have really impacted my life in no small measure. The number "8" a new beginning?.......wonderful revelation!!! See; GOD desired the best for us that HE gave us opportunities and power of significance; just like this 08 08 08. This can only occur....IN THE NEXT ONE THOUSAND YEARS TO COME!!!!! Where will you be then?? LOL

  10. This is a powerful declaration COH!, I agree with you in JESUS mighty name. God honors your faith.

  11. To God be all the Glory Luckenzo we beleive in confessing faith in Jesus Mighty Name Amen


  12. To God be the Glory!!! Yadah thanks for Praying it too


  13. Sid, we are taught in our Ministry to Pray for ourselves "DIY" and not bother our pastors cos they are humans too like you and I. so we all have access to the throne of God so no room for Idol worship

    Did I say anything about that? x_x =)


  14. Sid May be you didn't understand what I meant there Sid, I meant that some would not like to confess with their mouths. . . at least I know I have seen many cases of that.
    whether we like it or not some people believe that is is only a qualified pastor that can pray for them hence there is no point in them Praying for themselves
    I guess you understand now.
    Not that, I was telling you that was what you said

    Love and Godblesss you


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