Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Going On?

Hi Friends I just thought I should share this little discovery of mine,  recently I found out that most bloggers on blogspot are moderating their comments especially those of us that didn't start that way, what happened? Did we just wake up from slumber and suddenly realized it is very important to moderate comments? what are we afraid of? has the World become too hard on us?

These are thoughts that go through my mind daily. . . mind you, am quiet aware of the usefulness of these blogging tools.... excellent as they are though, but am just curious. . .  even though am guilty of  the same thing I still want to know.

Not only are we moderating comments, we are also making people fill out those  Word Verifications,  I must confess though it's nice and important I think it is tiresome in a way, I do get tired of the word Verification thing too  . . . LOL

Don't mind me, just teasing you my friend.

Have a nice Week and Godbless


Luckenzo said...

COH, i feel your curiosity. just think of a country without border checkpoints........you'll have all manner of inflows right? though i hate border checkpoints,moderation and verification tools......so, my dear bloggers let them comments flow in freely and see who SNAPS FIRST!!!! lol

alan pardoe said...

Amen And Amen.WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM GOING PEOPLE WOULD RATHER BELIEVE A LIE THAN THE TRUE.on blog pages you see the sickly commments about someones work and you know the work should be bined.on the web we have a stop sign one must keep ones feeling to ones self.one can be nice but tell the true.Gods blessing to you and yours.

Sicarii said...

I used to moderate blog comments mainly because I was getting a ton of spam on my blog. Since that problem has been resolved, I no longer moderate.

I like to let the discussions flow without any intervention from me. And I always appreciate bloggers who make it easy for me to comment without those word verifications and other misc. checks -- they are tiresome in my opinion. :)

God bless!

King's Kid said...

I had writen a post and the commenter had link after link to a Muslim site and to the Koran. I put up his comment but I took out the links.

Sometimes commenters put links that you do not care to have on your Blog; and there is quite a lot of spam coming at us daily. So much so that e4God is shutting down.

Sidharth said...

Spam and undesired links, also undesired comments. =)

Wordpress has a very good anti-spam system.


Channelofhealing said...

Luckenzo you are so right, I thought of removing it but after what happened to me 2 days ago the moderation stays on for now.

Godbless you for commenting

Channelofhealing said...

Of course Alan, one should tell the truth at all times.


Channelofhealing said...

Isaiah you said .... appreciate bloggers who make it easy for me to comment without those word verifications and other misc. checks -- they are tiresome in my opinion. :)

that is my opinion too, but it was like if I had any doubts after what I saw yesterday and two days ago it made me change my mind totally, if you see the nonsense that was sent to me as a comment thank God I had the moderation still on then then I got angry in my spirit and I was like God you have finally given me the answer I was looking for ... it (moderation) stays on. these spammers are busy now I think it's summer again so more free time for mischief in the hands of people.

Godbless you brother for always being truthful to me

Channelofhealing said...

You are so right Sid I Know now.

Godbless you Sid

Channelofhealing said...

Sis Kings Kid am so sorry for the E4God shutting down maybe business was bad for them but thank God you found out on time to save your blog...as for the spammers God will help us all to

Love you sis

Berean Wife said...

I would prefer to not have to moderate comments but I can't allow the spammers and those who use foul language to take over. It would be nice if you could OK those who have previously commented. I will delete cursing and other inappropriate language but not negative comments. I'll try to take that like a lady - although I'll ask for a scriptural reference to back it up. :)

Channelofhealing said...

I feel you sis Berean, it is getting worse I mean the spammers.

y-ADA-h said...

that's what we call prudence I guess... :)

God bless!

Channelofhealing said...

God bless you Yadah