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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oprah’s unorthodox gospel comes under scrutiny

Oprah Winfrey’s beliefs can best be described as Cafeteria Religion. Also known as Salad-bar Religion, this is a faith system in which people pick and choose religious beliefs, doctrines and practices - mixing and matching them much as they would select food in a cafeteria

Oprah Winfrey has become a catalyst for a new journalistic project and increasing news coverage by conservative Christians questioning and criticizing her spiritual beliefs.

Some evangelical Christians have voiced alarm that Winfrey is introducing the 46 million viewers who watch her each week to nontraditional spirituality they don’t condone.

In May, two dozen Christian newspapers pooled their resources to publish an article titled “Oprah’s `gospel’” that prompted higher readership and more letters to the editor than any story some of the individual papers had ever published.

In a first-of-its-kind venture, the evangelical newspapers hired Colorado writer and editor Steve Rabey to write the story.

“For some Christians who have considered themselves part of Oprah’s electronic family, her sins against evangelical orthodoxy have increased in number and seriousness,” Rabey said.

In recent months, Southern Baptist newspaper editors also have written editorials declaring “It’s time for Christians to `just say no’ to the big `O’” and calling her a source of “foolish twitter and twaddle.” And Charisma, a prominent charismatic and Pentecostal magazine, ran a story in its July issue with the headline “Oprah’s Strange New Gospel.’”

Lamar Keener, publisher of the Christian Examiner regional newspapers in California, came up with the idea to work with a dozen “mom and pop” publishers to address Winfrey’s theology.

Keener was inspired after viewing a video titled “The Church of Oprah Exposed,” which has had more than 7.2 million hits on YouTube.

One of Winfrey’s quotes highlighted in the story is her belief that “there couldn’t possibly be just one way” to God.

“Oprah was raised Baptist and has stated many, many times that she is a Christian and that she believes in only one God,” said the spokesman, who asked not to be named. “She has also said, `I’m a free-thinking Christian who believes in my way, but I don’t believe it’s the only way, with 6 billion people on the planet.’”

The spokesman noted Winfrey is hardly alone; 70 percent of Americans said “many religions can lead to eternal life” in a recent survey from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

- Source: Adelle M. Banks, Oprah’s unorthodox gospel comes under scrutiny, Religion News Service, USA, July 11, 2008 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

10 Readers Commented:

  1. Luckenzo08:01

    This is very sad and pitiful that, the big 'o' in Oprah Winfrey has eventually swallowed her up.............mmmhhhh satan had a big catch there; cos of her influence on millions of people. Don't be deceived my brethren, Oprah is only inventing this hopeless religion to cover and be convenient in her evil ways. No doubt, i used to be her fan; but that has stopped. cos for me and my house hold we will not watch Oprah in any guise....LORD JESUS SAVE OUR SOULS!!!

  2. Hello Hanna,

    In the of TD Jakes...."Get ready, get ready, get ready!!" These "Neo-Christens" are starting to pop out of the woodwork.


    Pray, pray, and keep on praying.

  3. This is just plain sad. It is a case of how so many people are trying to find different ways of salvation when there is only one true way: Jesus Christ. Oprah Winfrey will not get you to heaven. Her show, thoughts and beliefs will not get you to heaven. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the only way to get you to heaven! Why don't people wake up and stop trying to find "higher powers" than God! There is only one God. People just need to wake up and get on board of the God train! Amen

  4. Luckenzo like they said Caferteria religion, they are trying to make a god for themselves, but they cannot box our God in, for He is bigger than their imaginations.


  5. Sis Kings Kid we will be Praying seriously. Godbless

  6. People just need to wake up and get on board of the God train! Valerie I love that, Thanks for stopping by again.


  7. Sidharth04:40

    Deception is every where. People think they can't be deceived but ha'satan is very cunning...he puts forth his doctrines in good looking covers.

    For those who will read this.....I was a very good hindu....I believed in karma once....and my heart was all to do good for others even at a tender age.....but when I saw myself from Abba's eyes.....I could do nothing but cry out for Him.


  8. Sid my dear, Only in Christ can one see themselves to be but nothing, that is why our Lord said no man is good, because we have all sinned and only by His saving Grace can we be made pure

    Godbless you Sid

  9. This is just so sad, I used to admire Oprah for her wit and broad thinking, but even in the past, while watching some of her shows, I have already noticed that her belief system does not adhere to christian principles. It's so shocking that now she is so blatantly open about it and even influencing others to follow her new age beliefs. Let's pray that Christians would be more discerning and that God would open the eyes of those who follow this kind of new age belief. We need to expose this kind of lie. Thanks for sharing this my friend...

  10. Godblesss you Mariz, this is so terrible and I feel so bad that I used to idolize this woman and I thought she was a Christian. . . was I so wrong!

    All we can do for those who will listen is to Pray for them to hear


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