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Friday, April 4, 2008

Question & Answer

I am sharing the results of the question I posted here about 10 months ago.As at then I decided to post it also on my profile page in yahoo answers 8-9 months ago , After posting this question, I received about 81 answers before the question was closed... Funny how I was going going through my drafts and saw I never did get the chance to post them. here on the blog. with us entering into a new Month and quarter I hope this makes us reflect on the things that matter most in life.
These are a few of the responses I received after going through the whole answers... the response was great.feel free to add yours in the comment section

Thank God for the Holy Spirit who gives us insight into His Word

I thought I was having a great life without God before I came to know him. I was a heavy drinker, heavy smoker, womanizer and a scrapper...also swore frequently. I really believed I had a great life.......Since becoming Christian, I have found out that life as a Christian is never boring, life as a Christian is exciting and that Gods family are a great bunch of people who can generally be relied upon in any crisis in my help/support/guide me and most of all pray for me as prayer truly works. They are like a they are a family..Gods family.
Without God I am nothing.
Best wishes, Mike.

Newmom 24
None of us would be here right now writing on this computer if it wasnt for the GREAT man above. God Bless

Big Mac
It seems everyone wants to put their 2 cents in on how they dont believe in GOD if the question is about how you would do without God so why answer if you dont believe...but If it wasnt for God I'd probably be off doing bad things in my life and not obeying my parents. So im glad he exists

Without God, I would be nothing. I wouldn't be able to do anything. I would be like a ship without a sail. With God all things are possible, without him, I would fail.

Amber c
Hi, I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ! I'm a devoted Christian. For those of you who dont know him I will pray for you! He has done soo much in my life...Without him I would be nothing. I really hope that those of you who dont believe will reconsider because the thought of burning in hell for eternity scares me!! I'm glad that I'm saved!! Always remember Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life...Just give him your life, and I promise you will see a difference!! God Bless!!

I don't even want to think of what I would do without God. God is my stability in life. His words have taught me right from wrong and if I never heard his words again no telling where I would end up.

Beth h
Never thought about it, don't think it can happen, know I would just cease to exist, I am here only there and by His mercy so to perceive living without him, it is inconceivable. God Bless.

There is nothing I CAN do without GOD. Whenever I am in a pit of dispair due to poor choices I have made of my own free will I start to pray and repeat:
"God could and would if he were sought" and I let him know that 1. I did it again and I am afraid and 2. that I am seeking him and his will and agree to follow that and I got up this morning so I think I am doing ok today.
God Bless...

would be dead, without GOD's grace and mercy

Without GOD, there wouldn't be anything for me. bettyk
I would be no where with out him, but I'm a better person because I know he lives in me

absolutely nothing.
God said 'I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.... without Him we can do nothing.
A man without God is a waste
my life have been great testimonies since i found Christ, things have never been the same again

Well, with God in my life, I had purpose and direction. I was kind to those around me and was quick to look for the good in everyone.
I left church, and haven't attended for about three years.
Without the constant weekly boosts with God in my life, and I have become bitter and cynical, quick to judge and really, if I'm honest, don't like who I have that's what happened because I let God out of my life.

Jennifer S
I can't not imagine not believing in God. There would be no purpose in my life and I would probably be a horrible person. I don't go to church nearly as often as I should. I also don't pray as often as I should, but I know he is there and that there is something after his life that is much better. My faith keeps me going, makes me a decent person. It helps me have faith in other people. He has lifted me from some really bad places and kept me from going back. To me not having God in my life would mean not having Hope.

Well God get's me through each day, as i pray at night, I thank the lord for giving me the day and ask can i have tomorrow to. Without God, I would be lost and lonely because he is the only one in the world who dont judge me, he guides me in my path, one day at a time, and most importantly, God keeps me sober.
Alcoholic in recovery, 2 and a half years now. Thank the Lord everyday. xx

Trish S
need Him,i don't go to Church because i cannot tolerate being in His house with the hypocryts who go to services..I love to go when the Church is empty and it's just me and Him..Gone through many rough times in my life but i know however rough it gets He won't give me more than He knows i can cope with...

Without my creator I would be unable to feed my spirit. You know, that hole inside you that you once tried to fill with retail thearapy etc. The kingdom of God is within you! Not in a remote place apart from you and to fulfil your purpose here you need to consult your soul. Can you that with at recognising that there is a higher spiritual plain. Ask for peace, give out as much love as you can, you'll be amazed at what comes to you then! Above all say the Saint Francis Prayer. " Lord make me an instrument of your peace etc." Cultivate an attitude of gratitude every day!

Fat Momma
i would be lonely i suppose. i don't go to church, i don't trust them , but i do believe in god and i talk to him most days. in my head. i think i need him to get me through the bad times. but also, its great to know there is someone who cared enough to make all of this. i don't mean the crappy place where i am now, i mean the nice places i generally see out of the window of the car as we drive by

Without God, I and everyone for that matter would be up the creek without a paddle. He is such a good friend who is always there to listen day or night no matter what. He may not always answer the way we want but he is always there. So I don't know what I would do without God, suffer on earth maybe.

Frye& Reign
I'm never without God. Neither is anyone else. God is like the air, we can pretend there is no air or that we don't need it but it's all around us and we ARE influenced by air even if we're in denial and pretend otherwise. We couldn't survive if there was no air.
Mankind would not exist if there was no God. Nonbelievers may deny this but that's OK, God (like air) doesn't need us to believe in order to do His job.

very existence is not possible. you will be eating while hungry at the dictate of GOD. you will be running to catch the bus, at the dictate of GOD. now you understood the meaning of GOD. GOD does not mean that he has 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 eyes etc etc. GOD means beyond the imagination of human beings.

have no hope or faith or something to lean on in times of need.
without God you walk alone

Without God we would all burn in the Lake of Fire, in Hell for the sins we have been guity of during our lives and we would all belong to Satan-body, soul and spirit. We would never have any hope of salvation.
Youdidn’t know
I shall cease to exist for His words spoke me into existence, His Spirit is the life within me, His love carries me and His Son died for me

I have pondered that so many times. It would be terrifying without Him. I had one foot in Hell when He found me. My life before Jesus was empty and void. I don't like to think what it would be like to be without Him

There would be no reason to be without God
He is
and will be the reason for all for everything

without god you'd be a heathen


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  1. Wow these are really powerful answers COH. BTW I noticed some changes on your blog, the look better and better everytime. Anna :)

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  3. Anna, great answers I must say when the questions was asked so many were saying things about how they diidn't need God in their lives. these answers where those who believed God is alive and He cares for them that is why I decided to post it fo all to see.

    Still working on the blog.


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