Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pastor Why?

How can anybody who calls on the name of the most High God, do this? I mean, Impregnating a lady and asking her to have an abortion right in the church office... I know you are thinking she wants to tell another story... This is no story, this happened yesterday as my husband went to visit our pastor in the Church. (I say God sent him there at the right time)  will stop here for now don't want to give out most of the info until I have heard from my fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters on their take on this issue at hand. Cos my husband is shaking he is confused doesn't know what to do, he thought they were close... I said obviously not close enough for him not to know this part of the pastor, He wants to confront him...  I said No Ways!

Now am asking should he confront Him? or should he go to the church headquarters and report him so that another pastor would be brought to the branch? or should he keep quiet and let him keep deceiving other Children of God as he had deceived my husband all these years?, should we change our church because of this? what would you do in this case.

Please kindly let me know




Adullamite said...

I can understand your feelings, and the correct church authorities need to find out if this is a 'one off' or part of an ongoing problem.
Remember the need to restore those who fall, and to correct in love - through the right authorities.
Informing the world would not be helpful, but love and correction the right way is required.
Knee-jerk reactions would not help.

I am sure you will find a way to bring out the best here, for everyone. We all fail, often badly, and we can all panic at times.
However I am convinced you will find God bring good out of this situation, no matter how bad it appears now.

Sicarii said...

That's a SHOCKER!

I am certainly not qualified to advise on this, sister, but I did a search and found this article which seems very Biblical:

Hope that helps some.

channelofhealing said...

Thanks adullamite, that is my take though hubby is visibly shaken at the thought of what the pastor did. definitely he is shocked cos the pastor was forcing the girl to have and abortion because if the pregnancy comes out his ministry will be over, though he also threatened the girl that should she keep the baby he would take the baby and go and start another ministry somewhere else. the lady was complaining how the pastor was forcing here her to make love inside the church office at this point my husband was practically shaking while listening to the conversation.


channelofhealing said...

Thanks Isaiah will visit the site and find out more

tkwi said...

I know this is harsh, but I'd leave a church who compromised on major issues such as abortion or homosexuality.

Theres a passage in Revelation about a lukewarm church and the Lord spitting it out of his mouth.

There are no compromises when it comes to morality.

Remember, in the old testament, Moses instructed that if someone had intentionally made a woman miscarry her child, then that person ought to be stoned to death.

Think about it. That shows how much our God values the life of the unborn. You know that he creates each one of us with a specific purpose.

NOBODY has the right to take the life of the unborn except the Lord himself.

The scripture I mentioned probably is in Leviticus, though I don't know where off hand.

channelofhealing said...

Tkwi, all the factors put together makes it very difficult for us to make a decision because for one my husband is like, the pastor is my friend and he can't do anything and I go your friend? what kind of a pastor friend will tell a woman to go and have an abortion and also threaten her in the Church office. I say am sure he has been doing this for a very long time God wanted my husband to find out and maybe do something about it. . . God knows!

God wil direct us am sure

Mike said...

I would make sure I knew ALL the circumstances first.

channelofhealing said...
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channelofhealing said...

Thanks Mike, the much we know about the case is not pleasant at all, But God will show us a way out cos it is like most people are aware of his behaviour and he is not perturbed by been disciplined by the Church. as he was threatening the girl. I would say that the Devil has really worked over-time in his life but I beleive God will restore him in Jesus Mighty Name.


Given55 said...

I know I'm just visiting your site, but, if I may. I would certainly take it to the person first. Then church discipline would be in order. God bless and tell your husband to stay strong

channelofhealing said...

Thanks Given55, you see why every oppinion counts. Oh my God every one has different views and ideas on how to go about this delicate matter... am sure God will give show us how to handle such matters from now on and in future
Godbless you so much

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channelofhealing said...

Oh my Cinquentte thanks for the advice almost everybody has told me something about this and what I can is day is that God hass filled His people with wisdom.


Anna said...

Hard questions to answer. I think you two being there know the best, go with your instincts and with God's help, things can be done right. Thanks for sharing this story, its sad. Anna :)

channelofhealing said...

Thanks Anna for taking time to go through about say 8 different post you are really God's gift to this blog.