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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Let's Talk About Love

4 Glory to God!!! February is here again and soon everyone will be all about Valentines this and Valentine that, so many people will get engaged on that day or better still get married on that day. . . Well am not against people celebrating or whatever, even I have picked out things I want my husband to buy for me, LOL.

The fact still remains that many rush into things without looking, hence the high divorce rates, and spousal abuse etc (especially in the Christendom) it is scary that even the world have to give advice to Christians now. Perhaps you are already married , about to wed, or in a very serious relationship, I recommend you read this along side with your Bible.

My junior sister's friend sent me this through email last year

Godbless you as read

Success in love relationships is not a matter of luck.
The state of your love relationship today is a product of your choice till date.
Choices are made based on the information at our disposal per time.
Having false, wrong or incomplete information will lead to making wrong choices.
Having true, correct and complete information will lead to making right choices.
Your source of information determines the quality of your information.
Information from the wrong source is usually false, wrong or incomplete while information from the right source is usually true, correct and complete.
The nature of your source determines the reliability or otherwise of your source.
The success or failure in love relationships depends on the nature of your source of information on love relationships
Because God created humans, God is the only authentic source of information on love relationships.
God is love. God does not have the ability to love. He is love. He is therefore the only authentic source of information on love relationships.
It makes sense to pay attention to whatever love has to say on relationships.
Success in love relationships can only be attained by understanding and practicing the principles that guarantee success in the manual (Bible , word of God) .
The source of information on love relationships today are friends, magazines, Romance Novels, the electronic and print media, the Internet, and movies.
Most of these sources of information contain man’s ideas and no more.
Hardly do people turn to the manual when they have questions on love relationships.
Because the information is not from the right sources the information is false, incorrect and incomplete.
Choices made from false, incorrect and incomplete info cannot be right choices.
Consistent wrong choices in love relationship will always lead to failure in love relationships.
Your perspective
Until you know who you are, it is not wise to start a love relationship.
Self discovery begins with knowing why you exist.
A discovery of your purpose makes life meaningful and gives your life direction.
Knowing where you are headed makes knowing who can go with you easy.
Knowing your dominant temperament helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
Knowing your dominant temperament helps you know and understand who you need.
Knowing your dominant temperament helps you know who can complement you.
Knowing your purpose in life helps you understand your likes and dislikes.
Knowing your purpose helps you understand your potentials (abilities).
Knowing your purpose helps you eliminate wrong partners for marriage.
Knowing your purpose helps you appreciate your gifts and talents.
Knowing your purpose helps you specialize in your area of gifting
Specializing in your area of gifting builds your confidence.
Knowing your purpose helps you understand your life experiences, past, present and future.
Knowing your purpose helps you to accept yourself.
Accepting yourself helps you build self confidence.
Knowing your purpose helps you develop a vision for the kind of marriage you desire.
Knowing yourself helps you develop vision for the kind of marriage that you desire.
You are a product of your environment and your experiences in life.
Your environment and your experiences contribute and concretize your belief system.
Your belief system determines how you process information received from your services.
Your environment and your experiences shape your expectations in life.
More than 57% of marriages contacted worldwide fail because most people get married without knowing God’s purpose for marriage and they end up abusing themselves and their marriage.
Marriage is first and foremost for the establishment of a home where Godly children can be born and unturned to become responsible citizens of God and the world.
Marriage is also for the purpose of providing suitable help for a man to fulfill God’s purpose for himself and his wife.
Marriage creates the right atmosphere where man and his wife can work together joyfully as companion to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.
Marriage is not just to stop people from being promiscuous.
Marriage is not just for financial security.
Marriage is not just to provide a man with an unpaid domestic help.
Marriage is not just to provide women with a bread winner.
Marriage is for two spiritually mature children of God.
Marriage is honourable and adultery is forbidden. God judges adulterers and adulteresses
Marriage is a life time commitment and should not be entered into unless one is ready to be committed to another person forever
God hates divorce and judicial separation.
Two people became one with unity of purpose, vision and direction.
Marriage attracts the favour of God.
The place of expectations
Expectation is the mother of manifestation
If you do not know where you are going you will end up anywhere.
If you do not know where you are going you won’t know when you get there.
After knowing yourself and knowing God’s purpose for your life, you must know the kind of mate you require.
You must have a dream of your mate, spiritually, physically, temperamentally and socially.
You must realize that you are not perfect so you cannot expect a perfect mate.
You must understand that God doesn’t give us finished products. It takes faith to choose the right partner.
God wants your marriage to succeed more than you want it to succeed.
God knows the beginning from the end and he knows who is right for you.
You must consciously ask God to lead you to the right person.
You must give God thanks continually for hearing and answering your prayer before the manifestation of the right mate.
You must rest in God and not allow anxiety or pressure from friends and family to make you jump at the first available choice.
You must believe that God loves you as much as he loves Jesus Christ and he cannot mismanage your life if you trust Him.
Your expectations about spouse must be rooted in the manual (Bible , word of God).
Your expectations must not be based on information from romance novels or soap operas.
Your partner may not immediately have all the qualities you desire in a spouse.
Your partner may not have all spouse but they may have the potential for those qualities
Asking a lady to get pregnant before marriage to prove that she is fertile is unwise.
Sleeping with a lady before marriage to prove that you are not impotent is unwise.
Asking a lady to sleep with you before marriage to prove her love is unwise.
Footing the education bill or caring for the family of your partner before marriage is unwise.
Not Waiting to hear God’s voice about the choice of a marriage partner is unwise.
Getting married because someone said it is God’s will without hearing from God yourself is unwise.
Hoping to get married to the first person you enter into courtship with is not wise.
Asking God to give you a rich man for a husband is not wise.
Getting married to someone who has promised to change their character is unwise.
Expecting someone to get married to you out of sympathy is unwise.
Marriage in itself does not bring joy, peace, happiness or fulfillment.
Marriage in itself is not the solution for your emotional needs
Marriage in itself will not provide you with self worth.
Marriage in itself will not make you a better person.
Married life is not a bed of roses.
It is foolish to serve a man, hoping he will end getting married to you.




8 Readers Commented:

  1. Anonymous15:00

    What truths!

    I believe the Bible has the blueprint for sustaining a happy marriage, because God, being the Creator and the first to give His 'daughter' hand in marriage, and to see His 'son' get married to a woman, sure knows more than any wise man or love counselor!

    It is my take that the problem with most Christian marriages in trouble is that they do not have the triangular relationship in place, where God is at the top of the triangle and the partners are linked to each other through God.

    It is so clear that our relationships as husbands and wives are alike Christ and His Church. Only when we realize that can the man and woman function in their respective capacities in a marriage.

    Heh, I hope you get your heart's desire on Valentine's Day. My wife and I have decided to never celebrate the occasion, but that's a decision we made as a couple since we were dating.

    The LORD bless you and your marriage.


  2. Brother, you are so right like my husband always says "a Christian marriage does not mean a marriage in Christ", alot of Christian marriages are in serious trouble I tell you... Only God can deliver us from them all. thanks for everything not that my husband and I do celebrate it(Valentines day) but he makes sure he buys me something I don't return the favor, LOL, cos I don't beleive that you should wait for a particular day to do that... you share love daily, Gods way.

    Godbless you for the comment

  3. Anonymous15:34

    LOL, it's a blessing to know another Christian couple who are so loving!

    I hope you do get your heart's desire this year, ha ha!

    And here's a little Agape love for you too, sis.


  4. Oh Thank You so much brother you are so sweet Godbless you.. . wishing you too.
    the thing is we always argue over what he buys so he is much more comfortable when I make the choices so he wouldn't have to take them back, he a "typical male" lol.


  5. Now THAT is an excellent post on marriage!!! Your post based on Biblical principles is all anyone needs to have a long, happy, good marriage with Christ as the head!!! There's no need for marriage counselors, Dear Abbey, or any other secular methods. It's all in the Bible! I don't know how a marriage without Christ survives?!?!

    I LOVED this post!!! I wish everyone would read it!!!

    We don't celebrate Valentine's day because I'm sure, somewhere, there is a pagan tradition at it's source so I just ignore it. :) hahaha

    God bless you ChannelofHealing.

  6. Oh Carol you are so right! what would we ever do without Jesus Christ and the Bible?


  7. Wow, very interesting and informative post Channelofhealing, really enjoyed reading it. Thanks, btw, I always tell my husband to take me shopping so I can pick my own stuff, I never let him buy anything expensive or quantity. I tell him it does not matter what you give me, nothing is the best, and I will cook for you, and then we enjoy our time together, and I will always love you, lol. Anna :)

  8. How Sweet Anna, Love you more for this... the key thing is appreciating the little things of everyday that matters.

    Godbless you


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