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Thursday, February 14, 2008

'Looking Good for Jesus?

Oh my God!!! what on Earth is this? what ever happened to not using the Name of the Lord in vain? if you are wondering why am screaming and fuming with rage at the same time just read the following article culled from Fox News website.

'Looking Good for Jesus' Cosmetics Line Pulled From Singapore Shelves Following Complaints



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SINGAPORE —  A cosmetics line that extolled the virtues of "Looking Good for Jesus" has been pulled from stores in Singapore after a number of complaints from shoppers, according to media reports Tuesday.

Promising to "Redeem your reputation and more," the product line included a "virtuous vanilla"-flavored lip balm and a "Get Tight with Christ" hand and body cream, The Straits Times said.

Wing Tai Retail, which manages the British retailer Topshop, removed the line late last month after receiving complaints.

"These products trivialize Jesus Christ and Christianity," it quoted Nick Chui, 27, one of the complainants, as saying. "There are also sexual innuendoes in the messages and the way Jesus is portrayed in these products."

One product has packaging with the image of Jesus wearing a bright white robe as he looks toward the heavens, while a heavily made-up blonde woman with an arm draped across his shoulder gazes dreamily at his face.

"Why would anyone use religious figures to promote vanity products? It's very disrespectful and distasteful," the report quoted 24-year-old accountant Grace Ong, as saying

An unnamed Wing Tai Retail spokesman apologized to anyone who was offended.

 what do you think my friend? share your thought  with am speechless. 





10 Readers Commented:

  1. What?! In Singapore?!

    Goodness, I didn't know that! Then again, I seldom, if never, go shopping nowadays so I guess that's why I missed it.

    At least folks now see how alike Singapore Christianity can be with the watered-down American version that Paul Washer points to.

    On the upside, I'm heartened that people actually noticed and complained, which isn't all that bad.

    Thanks for highlighting this.

    Va'aleichem HaShalom!

  2. For sure this generation is sick. They'll do anything just for money!

  3. Certainly takes glorifying Christ in the wrong direction.

  4. Isaiah my brother this is so terrible, I was shocked when I saw the article... imagine Christians buying it... God forbid.

    Thank God they removed it, am very happy that SINGAPORE FEARS GOD! I doubt they would have done the same in some countries where the they take the Name of the Lord in Vain.

    Thanks for the visits and comment really appreciate it.


  5. I feel you BroTee, so sick I Pray God forgives and helps us.


  6. You can Say that again Fishawk! like I said May God continue to help us and show us the way in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  7. That is very sad. I heard about it on our Christian radio today. We better get our hearts clean and dispense with the lipstick!

  8. Got phone hotline, I will call just to rub it in, this is really bad. I have seen things before, but we still have a lot of people, a good people who will complain to take this down. I find this as a waste of money, and waste of time by the advertising agency, they should have known better. However, sometimes this may also be a trap or advertising gimmick - even if it was pulled off the market, the chain of complaints spreads around the world, and that gives them free advertising just through news media, because they know that there are some that don't care and will buy their products, its sad. It happens a lot with celebrities, they pull these tragic to be stunts just to get into media for free. Channelofhealing thanks for letting us know, and btw thanks for the nice comment on my latest post, it means a lot. Anna :)

  9. Oh Mike, the thing is to think people will actually buy them beats my imagination but, then again we are in the World.

    Godbless you

  10. Anna you have just made a very salient point to this post.

    thanks for the comment, As for what I wrote on your blog, i couldn't write down much of what I felt cos am not too good at expressing myself... hope you might have noticed. bt all thwsame meant every word of it

    Godbless you Dear


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