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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Friends & Blogs


  1. Anna
  2. Cinquentte
  3. Isaiah
  4. Bola
  5. Tamera
  6. Graham
  7. Mike
  8. Sidhart
  9. Cindy
  10. Jerry
  11. IJ
  12. Valerie Lynn


  1. Adullamite
  2. Alexander Blog
  3.  All About God
  4. AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles
  5. Bible Thumper's Soap Box
  6. BibleDude
  7. Chapel Of Ease
  8. Character Corner
  9. Christian Sexuality - what you need to know!
  10. Christian Blogs World-Wide
  11. Christian Faith Site
  12. Comfort Food---Ray Comforts Blog
  13. Confessions Of An Unchurched Believer 
  14. Discern it
  15. Four Pointer
  16. Fresh Wind Ministries 
  17. Grow and Know
  18. Imrah Ministries
  19. Is This Guy Lurking In Your Closet? 
  20. Jordan's View
  21. Just The WORD--- Please
  22. Lancessoulsearching
  23. Learning To Flourish Like A Palm Tree
  24. Let me go on and on
  25.  Life To The Full
  26. Life Blog Magazine
  27. Life Is A Gift From God
  28. Living in The Way
  29. Living Water of Life
  30. Metanoia
  31. Mumsdadschildren
  32. My Daily Blog
  33. Myonlyphoto
  34.  Not Typically Christian
  35. Only In His Service
  36. Penless Writer
  37. POD
  38. Pulpit Pimps
  39. Radiant God: The Christian Blog of Charisse Van Horn
  40. Reflections  A Christian Blog
  41.  Religion---Good or Bad
  42. Revitalize Our Youth
  43. Saved by Jesus
  44. Sermon Alive
  45. Share Your Story Now
  46. Shout to the Lord
  47. Simply4God 
  48. Speak That Word! 
  49. Spiritual Pathways Ministries Library
  50. Storyblob
  51. Supernatural Christian
  52. The Bread Site
  53. The Good News Blog
  54.  The Narrow Gate Invites
  55. The New Covenant
  56. The Surrendered Scribe
  57. The Pilgrimgram  
  58. The Way
  59. The View From Here
  60. This I do
  61. Trinity Unveiled
  62. Versical Weblog
  63. Weighty Thoughts
  64. Word and Verse
  65. Yomi Says

Spiritual Resources

  1. Bible Gateway
  2. Bible Resources, Online
  3. Crosswalk-Devotionals


  1. CCM Magazine
  2. Charisma Magazine
  3. Christianity Today
  4. Christian Parenting Today
  5. Faith Readers 
  6. Faith Writers Magazine
  7. GOD
  8. Heart Light Magazine
  9. New Man Magazine
  10. World Magazine

 End Time Prophecies

  1. End Time Prophecy News
  2. Prophecy News Watch
  3. Prophecy Update
  4. End Times Prophetic Words
  5. Sola Dei Gloria
  6. Bene Diction Blogs On
  7. Theology Today


  1. Missions For Christ
  2. Pro Life Blogs 
  3. Pro Life Links

Hi friend in Christ, Didn't see your Site name here and you think it should be, please feel free to  leave a link to your blog so I CAN CHECK IT OUT ASAP AND GET BACK TO YOU.

Love you




6 Readers Commented:

  1. I am deeply humbled to be counted amongst your friends. THANK YOU!!!

    P.S.: I am also deeply embarrassed by the fact that I just noticed a little while ago that "CHANNEL OF HEALING" was not on my "Places of Interest" list. Be assured that this sorry situation has been remedied.

  2. Thank you for being a friend too, sis! I'm honored to be included in your list.

  3. Fishhawk you are indeed a friend to me and this blog.
    Godbless you in Jesus Mighty NAme Amen

  4. Brother Isaiah, same here, you are a friend have Always stood by me and am grateful
    Godbless you in Jesus Mighty NAme Amen

  5. Hi sis,

    Jesus is so proud of you because you declare His glory to the world!

    Btw, can we exchange links?

    The LORD bless you.

    James Parmis

  6. Hi Jaime Godbless you, will visit your blog and you can check back to see whenever you are free and I Pray Jesus would be proud of us all too. Godbless you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen


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