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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Life Is A Gift

Enjoy this Story my friend, though you might have seen it before... it's worth reading again.

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she's blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He's always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend. One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she can see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, "now that you can see the world, will you marry me?" The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend is blind too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying. "Just take care of my eyes dear.” This is how human brain changes when the status changed. Only few remember what life was before, and who's always been there even in the most painful situations. Life Is A Gift... Don’t waste it”



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  1. CresceNet07:10

    Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passada lá no meu site, que é sobre o CresceNet, espero que goste. O endereço dele é . Um abraço.

  2. a aprovação, fará! Agradeça amando o local e a visita demasiado, deus bless o no nome poderoso de Jesus amen

  3. channelofhealing, wow, what a make over, you are getting better and better, I really like this layout of your blog. And the icon, wow, I am so honoured to be on your Great Friends of this Blog list.

    And going back to the story, never heard about it and glad you posted, it really makes you think.

    Moving on to other posts on your blog....with wow :)

    BTW you speak Spanish?

  4. LoL Anna you ever so funny and very straight to the point that is one thing i love about you so much.
    thanks for complimenting the new look. to God be all the Glory.
    as for the portuguese,I used the language translator for there would be no point repling someone in english if the commented in their language.

    happy new Year my Sister.

  5. channelofhealing, how are you doing? Oh boy I missed lot of good stuff - meaning new posts, so I will be working myself upward from this post.

    You are funny about the portuguese - I have some spanish visitors, but I always respond in English and throw one or two words in spanish - the reason, soon as I show my spanish they think I speak spanish, and then I have to tell them no no its the electronic dictionary, lol.

    I will see you around, and moving up. Anna :)

  6. Dear Anna, am dong Great! thanks for asking, i hope you are too. there is no problem as long as you take your time and go through them.

    Godbless you


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