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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Healing is Available Today!

I thought I was going to leave this for later, but I can't! the Healing Miracle I am talking about happened just this morning.
My immediate younger brother who is almost thirty years old has been ill for a week now and I hadn't gone to see him. he had not been able to walk or even have his bath for days due to a swollen groin and it was so painful for him... He had been bedridden for days with legs spread apart and in excruciating pain, I went early to oversee a project the Lord had me doing, when I got back home as I was about climbing up the stairs to my mums room the Holy Spirit said "check on him" cos his room is by the staircase, I entered and behold, saw him with his legs spread out wide and he couldn't even get up to visit the toilet for he has been like that for days and again the holy Spirit said "Pray for him and anoint him with oil" I obeyed and he was reluctant when he saw me with the oil, my brother just said... just put small, I don't want it... but I ignored him and continued to pray to the Lord my God that answers  by Fire, and then poured the oil and went upstairs only for me to be called an hour later that I should please come downstairs that the pus has started coming out before I got there he was sitting on a chair in his room, immediately he saw me he said... you are too much! I said shut up! Don't say that! God did it for you! everything is Jesus and the Holy Ghost! you must give Him all the Glory and Honour. .. he said he had and he will continue to thank God. now He showed me a bottle and told me that it was surprising to him that as soon as the oil was poured on him it was like it burst right then without him knowing but after sometime the odour was coming out from him under the quilt and he checked... behold pus and blood flowing like water from the tap and he ran to the toilet and cleaned himself up about half a litre of fluid came out of him. I just started worshiping God and crying to Lord for His mercies. I have seen God do things in my life but am particularly happy because my brother is unbelieving and he resisted the anointing but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob surprised him today and he is so quiet and little ashamed of his unbelief.





15 Readers Commented:

  1. Very good!
    Thank you Lord, all praise to you!

  2. Wow! Such a personal and powerful testimony!!!


  3. All Glory to God in the Highest!!!
    thanks Adullamite

  4. A testimony of the power of our God and he does wonders daily
    Thanks Sicarii

  5. Happy season of sharing and healing!

  6. God bless you too Wangbu

  7. You don't hear many stories like this - I don't anyway. I think this is only the 2nd time I've heard of a miraculous healing for the Lord. I'm happy for your brother!!! Perhaps now that he's seen the power of the Lord, that he will receive Him? Let us know if he does K?


  8. All the Glory goes to nGod we must all believe in Miracle and the power of God
    will still be praying for his Salvation.
    thanks for the visit and will let you al know when it happens


  9. Channelofhealing, miracle you will never forget, and I am glad that your brother is doing well now. We do sometimes underestimate the power of prayer, and you have proven this time, and keep proving for us everyday that it really works to make my believes even stronger. On the side note, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for your kind support in the world of blogging that extends beyond. I also would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ, a true symbol of love. God Bless, Anna :) (btw and thanks for all the laughs).

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  11. Oh Anna, this is too much for me! first of all the Lord God Almighty is able to do all things, secondly the power of God is what we need to live in this end time... like I said, I have so many testimonies of the awesome power of God in my life and that of others around me.The thing here is that atimes I do become afraid and have doubts but when I pray... am reasured in the Holy Ghost that God is with me... then I keep on trusting in Him and waiting for Him to do what He promised me in His word.
    Man will fail you but God will never fail you.
    I would also like to thank you for the constant visit and dedication to this blog I Pray it stays that way and we will grow from strenght to strenght.
    Merry Christmas to you too

  12. cinquentte23:20

    wow. God is really awesome. i think the unbelievers get the quickest miracles.God wanted him to know to that He is the healer and the Great physician. Thank you Lord.

  13. My dear friend in Christ! I can not express to you the joy I am feeling for you right now! All I can say is "to God be the glory!!!!" Praise Him for healing your brother not only physically but spiritually as well! God is great and worthy to be praised!

  14. Valerie, Healing is available daily as long as Jesus is on the throne. we can rely on Him and Him alone for total healing.
    Thanks dearie for reading this



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