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Thursday, July 12, 2007

What have you done for God this past half year 2007?


This is a poll from my yahoo answers blog, posted on the 1st of July 2007.

What have you done for God this past half year 2007? don't feel like am trying to judge you with this question but its a question the Lord placed on my heart this evening. the question is something that took me by surprise so please share with me.
no one is compelled to answer this question.
honest answers please
God bless y'all

here are a few of the answers i received after going through all I have decided to publish these few.. please do feel free to share your comment for others to see... thanks in advance. 

Heir-to-Christ said...My ministry is with Teen Challenge, and I have had many opportunities to lead young women to Jesus Christ. I also help them in their walk with God, who enables them to be set free from the power of addiction.
I seek here in this forum and other forums to win people to the Lord Jesus. This is my greatest passion in life, to see others' saved.

beth H said...have and will continue to thank and give all the glory to Him. I have also been "still" as He has directed me to be at this time and will proceed in faith and not by sight when directed. God Bless.

Short2stuff1992 said...Bless you in Jesus Name. For God in this first half to 2007, I have thanked Him for being so wonderful to me and for His existence. I obey His laws and talk to others about Him and His Son, our Savior Jesus. The best we can do for God, is thank Him and be obedient to Him because we are His children and He loves us too much. Take care and God Bless

evarona97 said... am pray for Peace, for Madeleine, for people to be right and not wrong.... it is not just past 6 months, but it is recent. I am trying to keep my mind without sin. I hope it is my little bit

Me said...'ve given everything back to him. from my life to my house. everything i have is His.

ruralsouthwell said...As a minister I've tried to serve Him as best I can in the parishes where I am employed

BlueApple said...The most honest answer I can give is, not anywhere near as much as I should have. And no matter how hard I try it will never be enough. But I will never stop trying.

Johnmill3 said...all that i have done this year for the lord i have done for his glory and not mine,pray wot ever i do is the right thing and before speaking that the words i use will be from the hart and pleasing to him ,some times i just ask the lord to give me the words .which he has always done when iv needed help

The Questioner said...have taken every opportunity to show people how much God Loves them. I have spent some time in February last in Cairo, in Egypt meeting and working with, and for Christians and Non Christians, Muslims, etc. who have fled from the Sudan, and Darfur, and arrived in Egypt still thanking God for his goodness, they are now reaching out to help the Poorest of the poor, in the Slums of Cairo. I have seen the love of God, in the face of the many who have nothing, and yet who rejoice in what they have.
Can I ask those who have so much, and yet have nothing, because they have not come face to face with God, through his Son. Jesus, What have they done to help those who have nothing?

James O said...was there for my sister in law as she died of cancer;she was a great inspiration to me through her confidence in Jesus as she faced death.

David F said...Helped homeless fed the hungry, spent time trying to learn more about Him, looked into joining the ministry ,help prepare my son for the ministry, taught others about Him. But nothing in comparison to what He has done for me

Jeers4sake said...I have been more patient with the people I work with, increased my attendance on my job, more generous with my charity to others, more introspective in everything I do(regarding the word of God) and more friendly toward my neighbors because I believe that is what God would want me to do. I know that no "works" I can ever do can make me worthy of His sacrifice for me and I am thankful that His grace is sufficient for me but I want to be more like Jesus in order to represent to others what His mission was for. May God continue to bless you too

Bettyk said...I have always been quite religious. I learned quite some time ago that God is the One who is always beside me and I am never alone. God has blessed me . Thank you and may God bless you. bettyk

Marlieke89 said..I've spread his words when people really needed to hear it (even though I don't know if those people actually believe in him). Still, they look relieved when you are saying that they are not alone, and that there will be a way out. I've also been to Poland to help handicapped people. That was a really nice experience, which I will treasure forever. It feels so right to do good things like that, and I know that God will help me in all situations, so also the situations where I give people advice, even though I don't know myself if its really the right solution

Miss Random said...this is a hard one. but I've witnessed to people on one of my youth trips and I've felt like I've gotten closer to God. just by praying, you can get everything off your chest. and knowing if you do something wrong, all you have to do is pray. and no matter what: he'll still love you.

Shaleen said...have helped my friends to realize who they are and give them support in their time of need. I help my Grandma with some chores and go to church with her every Saturday. i may not be the best catholic, but I try my best to help when I can.

Geebob358 in letting God to show me the way

Selektap said...Tried to walk in the path of the righteous without stumbling

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  1. I taught Vacation Bible School last month


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