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Friday, July 20, 2007


Author Unknown

Once upon a time . . .  there was a man who had nothing . . . and God gave him ten apples.  He gave him three apples to eat.  He gave him three apples to trade for shelter from the sun and rain.  He gave him three apples to trade for clothing to wear.  He gave him one apple so that he might have something to give back to God to show his gratitude for the other nine.

The man ate the three apples.  He traded three for shelter from sun and rain.  He traded three for clothing to wear.  The man looked at the tenth apple . . . and it seemed bigger and juicier than the rest.  So the man ate the tenth apple . . . and gave back to God . . . THE CORE!

Might I add this, it's funny how unfaithful we are in giving back to God what He gives, be it our tithes/offerings/vows... (even our time too ) yet He is still merciful to us all. some times I wonder why we never ever get satisfied with getting/acquiring wealth and properties, yet we find it difficult to give back to God the little owed to Him because, we are usually busy with our G-R-E-A-T needs. we believe that we have more needs that the little resources available won't take care of but, I say to you today no matter how little it is make God the King in your life and finance and watch the turnaround in your life.

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  1. Anonymous19:02

    I love this article, it's a great thing to give to God and should be done without hesitation.

  2. Great inspiration here.
    Love the new template too :-)


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