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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Concept of the Kingdom

To fully appreciate the invisible kingdom government, we must realize that the idea of “kingdom” didn’t originate on earth with the ancient civilizations of Babylon and Egypt. It didn’t come from earth at all. The concept of kingdom is rooted in the desire of the Creator to design and sustain both the unseen and seen realms in order to express, represent, and manifest his nature.

Ideas are one of the most powerful forces in existence. We see how the greatest ideas transcend generations and serve as the source of people’s creative activity and the motivation for their productivity. Ideas are the starting point of all that is created. An idea becomes a full-fledged, viable concept when it is envisioned and executed. The concept of an ideal kingdom is so beautiful that only a Creator-King of a certain nature could have envisioned and established it. We need to understand the King and kingdom out of which we come.

The word king refers to the person or personality who influences and oversees the productive development and profitable service of everything under his care, for the fulfillment of his noble desires and the benefit of all those living in his realm. The environment, territory, and authority over which he presides are his “domains” or “realms.” A king effectually relating to his domains is the essence of the concept of kingdom.
“The kingdom government is the ultimate answer to our search for personal significance and the meaning of the world around us.”Kingdom is thus the perfect example of the divine, creative act of the Creator. The first realm of his dominion is described as heaven. Heaven is the original kingdom; it was the origin of kingdoms. No kingdom existed before it, and nothing natural can be adequately compared to it. It is the first real kingdom because the first King created it. The kingdom of heaven is the only perfect prototype of kingdoms in existence.

When our Creator-King desired to extend his perfect kingdom from the invisible realm to the visible realm, the result was the creation of the physical universe and the appointment of planet earth as the destination for a unique extension of his divine being. Paul of Tarsus attempted to communicate this divine process of creation and extension when writing to people in the city of Colossae: "By him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him." 1

The kingdom of heaven and its colony of earth exist through the will of our Creator-King. It is therefore impossible to comprehend humanity's purpose without understanding the kingdom concept and how we are meant to live it out on earth. An inter-realm connection through the Holy Spirit is what enables us to fulfill our very purpose as human beings.

The kingdom government is the ultimate answer to our search for personal significance and the meaning of the world around us.

We can no longer ignore the fading writing on our Manufacture's label. Let us return to the initial intent of our Creator-King, so we may understand the original blueprints of both kingdom and colony.

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1 Colossians 1:16

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