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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indian Christians Suffering!!!

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Gospel for Asia missionary Vinay Ganpati is still facing threats months after an anti-Christian mob attacked his church in Tamil Nadu, India. The attack happened after a local woman, believed to be a goddess, blamed two deaths on the Christian community.

After the attack on the church building and congregation, one of the anti-Christians died in an accident. This caused people to further blame the Christians, and there were threats of more violence.

On September 26, a group approached Pastor Vinay and told him to vacate the church and stop all activities by October 10. Vinay tried his best to reason with the group, explaining the land was lawfully owned by the church and that he couldn’t leave so suddenly.

“The extremists were not ready to listen to him and again warned him to vacate by the deadline or face dire consequences,” GFA’s correspondent wrote. “Vinay seems very worried.”

Vinay and his leaders plan to file a complaint with the police station in an effort to protect their land. This is not their first choice, as it could further hinder relationships with the people of the village.

Vinay earnestly requests prayer that God would remove fear from the Christians’ hearts and make them strong to face these trials. Pray that the Lord will bring a peaceful solution, and that those opposing the Gospel will realize God’s love for them.

8 Readers Commented:

  1. pray and more pray Bless you.

  2. We will pray, pray, pray.. Bring courage and wisdom to the heart of your people God. And silence the enemy in Jesus name!

  3. I am praying at this very moment.

  4. Sidharth04:29

    Its very sad to see whats happening here in Orissa and Bangalore, but our struggle isnt against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers of this dark world. Paul after asking us to put on the whole armor commands us to PRAY!.

    I believe India is out for a greater move of God, and satan and his organization is doing all they can to hinder it. Their kingdom is in danger!


  5. Amen and AMen Sis Tamela Godbless

  6. Godbless You Lori my sis I am grateful

  7. Oh Yes the kingdom iof statn is terrified that's why but at the mention of the Holy Name of Jesus they must all Bow.


    Godbless you Brother


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