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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Man Miraculously Survives Accident . . .

South African Man Miraculously Survives Accident after Cancelling his Life Insurance So he could Tithe to Church

By Aimee Herd: July 17, 2008 : Staff Reporter and Sapa – The Times

"When the truck started pushing my car towards this lane (the fast lane) and it started crumpling, I just had this urge to say 'Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!'"

car under truckWhen you see a photo of the car vs. runaway truck accident—that happened on Tuesday of this week, near the Buccleuch interchange in Johannesburg, South Africa—you might imagine there was no way anyone inside the crushed older model VW Jetta could have survived. (Photo: The Times)

However, 49-year-old Absolom Morifi did survive, without any injuries, and he's calling it a miracle.

Really though, the part of this Divine intervention story that makes it so amazing is what happened a few days before.

While attending the Rhema Church over the weekend, Absolom felt a nudge by the Holy Spirit to step out in faith. "I went to church on Sunday and felt convicted about not paying my tithes and cancelled my life insurance instead," he explained.

Though his wife wasn't on board with her husband's decision at first, to give the insurance money to God each month, she relented and the insurance was cancelled on Tuesday.

Just hours later, his faith was put to the test when a huge loaded-down truck lost control of its brakes heading straight for Absolom's small car.

"When the truck started pushing my car towards this lane (the fast lane) and it started crumpling, I just had this urge to say 'Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!'," Absolom recalled.

The Jetta was flattened under the enormous rig, and the Jaws of Life had to be used to cut Absolom from his compacted prison, yet he emerged completely unscathed.

Among those amazed by the way Absolom had been preserved, was his wife. "When I spoke to her just now," he explained, "I told her about the accident and that I wasn't injured, and she said that now, she believes in my God."

To listen to the account of the accident shared on talk radio by Absolom Morifi himself, CLICK HERE

2 Readers Commented:

  1. Luckenzo08:16

    only JESUS can Absolom did receive a miracle. His move of faith was very remarkable as touching the life insurance.........THANK YOU JESUS.

  2. Yes Luckenzo, it was the Name of Jesus that did save Absolom Morifi, His faith in God saved Him. this goes to show that if we can surrender all to God He will surely open the windows of Heaven for us.
    Godbless you brother


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