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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


PainThis is actually an excerpt of a message from my pastor, D.K Olukoya who is a  fiery man of God. (God bless him)  When this topic was brought to me, last year, I was like, pain!? everybody knows pain or something about pain,  But when I read it, it dawned on me that God Almighty provided this topic at a point in my life when I needed to hear this. . . and to be reassured that I wasn't alone and that God is with me all the time. So I have brought these few points out from the whole message for you my friend and I Pray that God  will help you today to understand what His purpose for your life is today  in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

What is pain?

Pain is a feeling of being hurt, a feeling of suffering. It is an unpleasant discomfort experienced by some body who is wounded or ill. It is a feeling of discomfort. finally, pain is an oppressor and the bible says oppression maketh a wise man mad. Ecc 7:7 when somebody who is normal begins to experience oppression, he will behave like a mad person

Facts About Pain

1. pain is universal. Everyone at one point or the other experiences pain in life. 2. pain has no respect for age. Both young and old people suffer pain. 3. pain does not discriminate. It does not matter, whether you are black or white, rich or poor. 4. it is impossible to journey through life without experiencing some element of pain or discomfort. Job 14:1 says, Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.

5. pain may differ from one person to another; one person may have backache. 6. pain is either acute pain happens suddenly and ends at some point. there is a kind of pain you get from a broken leg or an injury. but as the injury heals the pain goes away. But chronic pain is long-lasting.

7. you can stumble upon pain. That is accidentally you can come across it. A lot of people are suffering from accidental pain, which they stumble upon. 9. there is something known as spiritual pain. It could be a guilty conscience. It could be a broken spirit, a loss of direction or a decline of one’s spiritual gift.

8. pain is a signal that something is wrong and needs attention. Every pain is a signal or an indication that something is wrong and needs attention. If a headache suddenly starts, the resultant pain is a sign that something is wrong and needs adjustment. If not for pain, one couldn't know if their leg is broken, even A slap on the face or a blow on your nose could be ignored if not for the pain.

10. people generally turn to pain relievers instead of pain quenchers when they feel pain. Many drugs prescribed by doctors only stop the sensation of pain while the condition that causes the pain is still in existence. It is the tragedy of our world that the best selling drugs are tranquilizers. They just calm people down. They only remove pain but the problem remains. That is why believers must see their problem as a tree, which has fruits, leaves, branches and a root. It is a waste of time cutting off the flowers and the branches when the root is still in place.

12. pain is a teacher. pain teaches us lessons whether we understand them or not. 13. pain is a guardian watching over people and pegging the limit of their foolishness. 14. pain is an invigilator which tells us when the time is up and we have to submit our papers for marking. 15. pain is an adviser. It advices us to stop what we are doing now or the pain will increase. 16. pain is a memory aid. It is an aid to our conscience.

17. pain is independent of sentiments. It is independent of all the sentiments you may feel. 18. pain is arrogant it will not go without making a point. It will make its point known, and will not go until its point is understood. It will come back again and again until the position it opposes is altered.

19. pain is therefore, both a friend and an enemy. 20. pain can make you better or bitter. It can make you stronger or weaker. 21. some forms of pain are directly related to our behavior and actions. 22. pain calls attention to the relationship between our present conditions and our past actions.

23. not all forms of pain are related to past sins. Job did not commit any sin yet he suffered pain. The bible says, Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all. He keeps all his bones that none is broken.(psalm 34:11). 25. pain prompt sacrifices for our good. Painful situations prompt us to make sacrifices. Before the crown there must be a cross. 24. pain prompts us to take action. There are many condition people would have ignored but because it is hurting them they have to take action that they would otherwise have put off to a later date.

26. there is power in pain, believers acquire considerable power while dealing with their pain. Many would not have become prayer warriors if not for the pain the enemy brought their way. So there is power in pain. Pain has made many to focus more on the power of God. Pain has made many to recognize their weaknesses and they lean heavily on the strength of the Lord.

27. there are two categories of pain, pain God’s way, and pain the devil’s way, Not having sexual intercourse until after marriage could be painful but it is pain God’s way. To pray from 12 to 3 am  for 21days is not easy but, it is having pain God’s way. You can either have pain God’s way or have pain the devil’s way. The devil’s pain is a terrible pain to have, it has thrown many people into serious trouble. 28. pain from God would yield ultimate good. The bible says, take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light’ ( Matt 11:29-30) pain from God converts our corruption to heavenly purity. Pain from God convert our gloom to glory. Pain converts our earthly trouble to heavenly luxury. Pain from God converts our failure to success, our midnight to morning, defect to victory, death to eternal life, warfare to triumph, struggle to success ,tribulation to jubilation, fear to testimony and pain to gain.

29. pain from the enemy can cause insanity, it has a maddening power. bible says oppression maketh a wise man mad. Ecc 7:7 when somebody who is normal begins to experience oppression, he will behave like a mad person When the enemy raises pain against you, then you need to counter and deal with it. You need to reject it aggressively and insist that you will have pain only God’s way. 31. most times, pains is an alarm crying for change. It could be a sign that God wants you to change something. It could be your prayer level, your bible reading level, or your holiness level, because the only things that is certain about life is change.

30. Spiritual pain, has pushed many people into religious cults and terrible societies.There is only one spiritual pain killer that treats the cause of pain instead of just the symptoms. pain only listens to one voice, and that is the voice of the blood of Jesus.

Beloved, you should deal with the oppressing spirit called evil pain. If you know the Lord has been passing you through fire, water and storm in order to remold your life, or he has been putting his fingers on your pressure point and is giving you pain that pain is a good one. But if you don’t want pain God’s way, you will get it the devil’s way which is very terrible and can lead to destruction therefore, 



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  1. Regardless of the reason: pain gives us opportunities to give our Heavenly Father the full benefit of our doubts. For would a good earthly father throw their child into an open fire in order to teach them about being burned??? No, I wouldn't think so.

    Therefore: unless we are willing to conclude that there is surely nothing that He can do in order to prevent us from experiencing any pain: it must be accepted that it is for our ultimate benefit and His glory. That is: unless we are willing to accept that He must not be nearly as good of a father as He claims to be, of course.

  2. Thank you for posting my comment. For it speaks unto the heart of what I have been given to say about the true meaning of life.

    Yes, many (if not most) find it absolutely ridiculous to even attempt an explanation. It is, after all, a great mystery that cannot be explained unto them; but the absolute truth of the matter is actually quite simple. For we (as in all of mankind) are created to our Heavenly Father's children by faith in order to give Him opportunities to receive a very special kind of love; and it is for this purpose that we are born into this world as we naturally are.

    Just look at our own relationships: especially the more intimate ones. For it is relatively easy to love someone who always meets or exceeds our own expectations; but it takes a very special kind of love to want to stay with someone who seldom does.

  3. "Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven"

    If we want to know the will of God, we must look to what it is in heaven. Heaven has no pain certainly isn't God's perfect will for us. However, we all go through pain....why so? Because we're part of kingdom that is being opposed.

    Primarily we are not dealing with religion, but with a political system, a kingdom called the kingdom of heaven. At the same time there is another real and organized kingdom called the kingdom of darkness. We who are part of the kingdom of heaven are called to destroy the kingdom of darkness by going forth and proclaiming the Gospel. And Persecution is the enemy's way of retaliating. It's not certainly God's perfect will, but thats what happens in a if you and I are persecuted, it means we are damaging satan's kingdom and that we are a threat to him.

  4. Some very good points in this.

  5. Godbless you Fishhawk...points taken

    You are a blessing

  6. Godbless you Sidhart, you are blessed with a gift I Pray yu use it efficiently.

  7. Dear Susan, Thanks and Godbless


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