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Friday, June 20, 2008

Awesome Site Award!!!

I hereby dedicate this award to the


gave me the opportunity to start this blog.

Thank God for His Tender Mercies endures forever!!! To God be the Glory for this Award I Received  from Today,

the message goes thus....

Your site has been selected to receive the "Awesome Site" award from


Please link it to:
When you have placed the award on your site, please let us know the URL of the
page it's on and we will add your site to the winners list.
Thanks and God bless!
Michael Reeves

God bless you Michael Reeves and all the team members of

I am grateful to God for this Award and 

I pass this on to the following friends of mine

Anna for the blog Myonlyphoto

Isaiah for the Blog Word and Verse 

Tkwi for the blog Learning To Flourish Like A Palm Tree

Valerie Lynn for the blog Simply4God

Jerry for the Blog Asthecrackerheadcrumbles

TRT for the blog Chapel of Ease

Sidhart for the blog Imrah Ministries

Given55 for the blog Supernatural Christian

Bola for the Blog MumsDAdsChildren

Kings Kid for the blog Let us be 2 Timothy 2:15 People

Adullamite for the blog The View From Here

Yvette for the blog Fresh Wind Ministries Int'l

Nathan Householder for the blog Not Typically Christian

Brother Mark for the blog Grow and Know

Mike for the blog This I Do

Lance Gargus for the blog Lancessoulsearching


Godbless you all in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

25 Readers Commented:

  1. Thank you very much! I am honoured.

  2. Thank you for this honor my dear friend. Although I seek no reward for the service of my Lord Jesus Christ I accept this award for the Chapel of Ease in the Name of Jesus Christ. All Glory be given to Him, my God.


  3. Thank you so very much. I am humbled by your kindness.

  4. I am so very honored and blessed my friend! To God be the Glory! Everything is for the glory of God! God bless and I love you dearly my friend!

  5. Thank you so very much, my dear Hannah IJ!!!

  6. Dear COH,

    We truly appreciate your vote of confidence. Thank you,Sister.

    Let Us Be is written by my Brother Tyrone, to the glory of God. We thank God that the Word of God that we are blessed to share is Living; sharper than a two-edged sword and true. Praise the name of Jesus.

    Thank you again. Let God be true but every man a liar.

  7. thanks for the award

  8. COH thank so much, I am so honoured, especially getting one, and not be able to blog. Thank you too for all your emails, concerns over the past weeks, your support is greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed reading your comment this morning on my blog, your words mean a lot. Thank you again, and I guess I will be starting to visit more often again, as things are getting more normal every day, however, I will always miss those first few days when Matthew was born, he is such a gift from God, and sometimes I don't know what I did to be that lucky. Anna :)

  9. BTW I forgot to let you know, your blog make over is awsome, I think this one is a winner, just in case you are planning to change it again, lol, I love it. Well organized. Anna :)

  10. I am blessed to receive such an award! Thank you and many blessings in His name.

  11. Thank you for the award, my first for that site. I will add it later.

    God bless!

  12. Thank you for the award, sister! Sorry I took my time coming over to pick up the award and visit your site. Most of my time has been spent with family the past week looking after my mom in the hospice after her knee surgery.

    I am honored by the award.

    Soli deo Gloria!

  13. Godbless you Mike am glad we are blessed in Christ Jesus our Lord

  14. TRT our God be praised we are definitely not in it for the award, but for the Glory of the most High God Amen

  15. Godbless you nathan you are favored in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  16. Thanks be to God Given55, Godbless

  17. Godbless and love you too Valerie

  18. Sister Kings Kid you are very blessed and gentle love that in you. Godbless Brother Timothy too

  19. Anna, Anna, Anna, have I missed you but am not sad becasue I know you are busy for the right reasons and am so glad that little Matthew knows what a rare gem his mom is ok.

    Love you and as for the blogs new look , God knows He had to direct me to this template so am sticking with it till He gives me other ideas lol


  20. Thats nice to know TKWI, Godbless

  21. Brother Isaiah, there is no problem at all. I Pray You mom gets better soon in Jesus Mighty Name Amen


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