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Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Testimony II

Being thrown out of the House

Praying to God for a Miracle was our daily job,  we were crying, pleading to God in fasting and prayers for God to intervene in our affairs so that our father would love us and let us live happily together... little did we know that Gods way out for us would be something we had dreaded for years, that made us endure those horrendous years of suffering (if only we knew we would have giving God thanks instead of crying all along not knowing God was working his purpose out.)

My experience as a child could be summed up as hellish, Proverbs 14:13, 13 Laughter can conceal a heavy heart; when the laughter ends, the grief remains. coupled with the fact that I had to deal with the different women coming in and out of the house, being asked repeatedly if they were a suitable replacement for my mother or if they were suitable to be my mother was another horrendous experience, I begged God to deliver me from. My father was used to  having his way all the time so he decided it was time to kick us all out... my father made sure we were thrown out of his house, telling us "we belonged in the streets" and then he got married to a second wife without divorcing my mum till date. he didn't walk out on us he threw us out, mum first, me next and then the rest until we all became complete in my mums house it would be worthwhile to mention here... that we all did not get to start staying with our mum over night it took about 14months for us all to be complete and then the journey to self discovery and finding salvation began for us to the Glory of God and the shame of the devil.

When we started staying with mum , she couldn't support us on her meager salary of less than $60 a month. Six children and no permanent roof over our heads, my father and his people were busy jubilating and laughing at us people were mocking us and pointing at us and making silly jokes about us. but God was always supplying our needs according to His Mighty riches in Glory. Proverbs 14: 20-21, 20 The poor are despised even by their neighbors, while the rich have many “friends.”
21 It is sin to despise one’s neighbors; blessed are those who help the poor.

One day we now decided to heed the Holy Spirits instruction that He has placed in my heart,  we had to go look for work I told mum to resign from her teaching job and she did as the Spirit of God led us. God gave us job after job we started feeding well from there mum got a car and things were looking up for us. in all we still trusted God to take us to our promised land. It was as God would have it that I met my husband in the Month of December 1995, we became friends and He was also a Christian, born Catholic never bulging to my Trying to convert him to Pentecostalism he started noticing that there was pain in my eyes , so we started growing closer. I was confiding in him and also scaring him at the same time with all the revenge/hatred I had in mind for all those who tortured me and my mum and made our lives a living hell. Years rolled by mum decided it was time I traveled abroad to look for greener pastures little did we know that would be another hellish experience for us all.


Proverbs 14:12 12 There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.

I was preparing to go to England. Early in 1999, I paid money into a travel agency account for the procurement of a visa for me. months rolled by no visa finally when I decide to give up they called me that my visa was ready, everyone was excited my brothers and sisters especially, then my husband was my boyfriend he wasn't too happy cos he felt that would be the end of our relationship once I traveled. little did I know something else was awaiting me where I was going. The thing is I had become a victim of human traffickers who transport girls to European countries for prostitution, so I got to the airport and my ticket was reading Lagos-Ethiopia-India... no London or France as agreed they told me to get to India that someone was holding my original passport that it would be given to me in India, we all agreed... I was scared though, I boarded the plane and soon I was in India , I arrived late there because the weather was terrible so we landed at almost midnight and I was driven to a hotel were "they" (the syndicate) were waiting for me by this time the Holy Spirit was telling me to be strong but I was crying so much in the taxi. when I got to the Hotel, the boss at the time came up to me and asked me my Name and as said IJ, I knew I had been duped and deceived by these greedy men so I started crying again then he took me to a room, there were many people like me there, so he told them to give me a bed but something made me him keep staring at me and I noticed it but kept on Praying for God silently to help me. I  asked Him for my London visa and he was like "what"??? only then did he understand that I wasn't  a part of the whole  plan infact that I HAD BEEN TRICKED . He thought I really wanted to go to Italy or Germany for other things  evil but when he saw me crying, he said; you are not one of these girls, how can they do this to you? what were they thinking? then he told me that when he saw me that something was different about me that he knew they had tricked me that I would never leave my Country for such a thing so he asked me what I wanted to do I said am going back home. he said that he can arrange for me to stay  in India or if I wanted to go to London he could arrange it that when I get there I should seek asylum, I said; never! will I beg anybody to go live in their country that All my life I was looking for freedom how can I enter into another bondage and become a slave all over again. Besides I would have to lie and falsify documents which I said will make God not to bless me at all because I knew I am a covenant child of God. So it was a NO, I never believed in Short-cuts  in life. .. Proverbs 14: 16,  16 The wise are cautious* and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with great confidence. we  became friends and he told me he was a Muslim and he asked my why I had a glow in my face and light all around me I said I don't know but I guessed that was the Holy Spirit and he said what is Holy Spirit and I started teaching him about God , Jesus And the Holy Spirit.... he gave his life to Christ and quit smoking. This man was the head of their Asian Operations and God changed him and he told me he was afraid of me he couldn't understand why... since He had killed so many people and he is on the run from the law from many countries. then we went  around India all over Mumbai  and then the terrible mistake was made by us he went to call his associates and was shouting at them that why would they bring such a good girl to him that they should refund my money that I was on my way back that I refused going any further with the plans. So the people laid siege for me at the airport and they used a rogue customs officer to get me out of the plane before I could get to Arrival area for clearance, the customs man knew that if I got out of the airport I was going to report them so they staged for me to be kidnapped then my husband who was my boyfriend then came to pick me up and saw those men in the departure area and he wondered what they where doing there little did he know that he might not even see me  as they had planned but as God would have it, a senior officer came and saw where I was being harassed and told me to leave there and the junior officer detaining me couldn't do anything about it. there and then the Holy Spirit said run and run I did and I as ran out, I ran into my husbands arms and he was saying welcome to me I was looking behind my back knowing fully well they were trailing me so I said just take me out of here he was like, what! I said I will explain in the car, I now told him everything in the car and he now said no wonder he saw in a dream where I was in a prison room locked up and being tortured. My faith grew when I found out God was with me and He didn't leave me nor forsake me and He didn't let those killers destroy me. till date I didn't report them and never will. I left Them for God to deal with. Got Back home and there was disappointment that I didn't achieve the goal but I told them not to worry that God Almighty will take care of us and that He did.

To be continued



6 Readers Commented:

  1. I understand 100 percent what you
    are talking about. Once when I was 16, I was sitting on the front porch.
    I heard a loud scream and looked up
    just in time to dive into the front
    yard to avoid being hit by our
    Xmas tree.

    We are here to save others while
    there is still time.....
    and believe me there is not much left.

    Appreciate you very much...
    and don't worry...I'm around and am
    just a mouse click away.

    God Bless,

    Thanks for the note!

  2. Thanks Brother Mark you don't know what that means to me, I always believed I was going to cover who I was and make sure no one knows about it but it is ok that everyone knows anyway. God owns me and I love Him so much. I will remember that you are there
    thanks for reaching out
    God bless you.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this testimony. God is and will continue to use it to bless others. He's clearly chosen you to reach others. You have a gift.

    And it is very interesting to learn about other cultures. I did not know that Muslim men could be involved in prostitution rings.

    I'm also wondering how old you were when this experience happened to you. I'm also thinking you should write a book about your experiences and get it published, as a testimony of how God has helped you. This story will increase the faith of many.

    I once had a magazine in my church where I published the testimonies of others as well as anecdotes and poetry like you have on this blog.

    Maybe thats why it caught my I. I am rambling here, so I will continue on with your amazing story, and am printing out a copy for a friend to read. God bless you!!

  4. To God be the Glory! Tamera I pray it does nothing would make me happier. any body can be involvd in anything I was already an adult not a kid or a teenager then when it happened.
    Like I said feel free to do share it and am grateful to God you found time to go through it all... not everyone am sure would but you did. I appreciate it thanks and Godbless you Mightily in Jesus Name Amen.
    Love you

  5. WOW! God took care of you...I'm so awed...

  6. God sure did!!! Sidhart.. . and HE is still faithful till date.



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